I used to be so cringe worthy..


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Mar 7, 2012
This god awful realisation about myself happens on a daily basis. I make a vow for it to never happen again, only to surpass it with some next level bullshit of awful and awkward on the day after. This post will probably be one as well.

Neurotic Void Melody

Bound to escape
Jul 15, 2013
Are we talking online interaction only here? Because the pre-online interaction past me (wow that is a strange phrase) can go and die in an owl infested sewer drain. In fact, even present me is a fairly embarrassing assortment of hateful screw ups. It's all on you, future me. Don't let us down...again!

I guess for online posts, i don't often take into account that people will take me too seriously without obviously labelling everything as a joke first. But things can be half serious, so how do you label those?
Well if there is some ethanol circulating my streams, i tend to not care if someone takes me too seriously. Until i read them sober and then the self loathing and despair returns once more. Where'd i leave Mr Happy Place again?

Casual Shinji

Should've gone before we left.
Jul 18, 2009
I used to be a weaboo... Like, really bad. Luckily this was years ago before the Escapist even existed.

When it comes to old post, I actually find the opposite to be true. I look at some older post and I'm surprised that I used to be sorta, kinda smart. I feel myself growing dimmer with age.