id Founder Building Galactic Fishbowls

Logan Frederick

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Aug 19, 2006
id Founder Building Galactic Fishbowls

John Carmack and his rocket scientists are combining transportation and water worlds into the future of space travel for tourists.

Armadillo Aerospace, the rocket engineering firm founded by DOOM master programmer John Carmack, is working with the state of New Mexico and Rocket Racing, Inc. to create fishbowl-shaped rockets for civilian travel. Construction of prototypes begins in 2009 with hope that test flights into suborbital space will start in 2010.

The glass dome sitting atop the living area and control room allows for a 360 degree view of space and is roomy enough for two individuals. New Mexico is offering launch pads from Spaceport America near Las Cruces, New Mexico. Tickets for this suborbital vacation are predicted to cost $100,000 a trip.

Multiple companies worldwide want to cash in the on the concept of leisurely trips to space for the few wealthy customers who can afford it, such as Richard Branson's Virgin Group. However, international laws are still unclear as to the punishment for public indecency when the first rich newlyweds shoot into space in a giant fishbowl solely to join the ten thousand-mile high club.

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