Ideas for extra features for an original xbox controller modded for android?


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Feb 28, 2008
So, my big sis is a gamer and awesome in general. But after going through nerve issues and surgery, gaming cam be physically painful. I was cleaning out a closet and came across one of the early controllers for our old (and lost to the ages) XBOX classic. Controllers can make gaming easier for her, and this controller has some meaning for us, so I figured I'd do something with it.
I have basically everything I need to turn it into a nostalgic accessory for phone based gaming interests- a microUSB cord to splice to the old controller, drivers, a universal phone mount, etc. But even with everything necessary to make it happen, these old xbox controllers have so much space.
Enough that I could probably stick in a little power source and add lights or something. (But lights are boring) Any ideas on cool gamer phone hardware stuff or even just a cool motif for the hardware repaint?