Internet Trolls Face Jail in Arizona

Something Amyss

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Dec 3, 2008
poiumty said:
but I'm... what's that word? Ah yes, not-a-fucking-douchebag.
I doubt anyone believes that.

In case you can't follow the bold, what it says is it's illegal to offend by using profane or obscene language.
Huh, thought you weren't going to do that.

In other words you can go to jail if you tell people to fuck off. Over the internet.
Hmmm...Let's put this to a test. Have you seen anyone get arrested for "offending" someone over the phone? No? And this same law already exists for phones?



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Feb 8, 2010
....why don't they just say "communications medium" instead of specifying "devices"? It fits their intent perfectly - "thou shalt not rely on distance to safeguard you from the consequences of being a jerk" - and is future-proof.


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Nov 28, 2007
Well, see this is the slipper slope I've been worried about for a long time, with the left wing getting out of control with it's political correctness garbage. By going after people for things like "hate speech" even in fairly limited areas, the door has been opened to basically argue that you can't say or do something that anyone does not like or finds offensive at any time. The law doesn't generally discriminate in terms of intent, and when something might be deserved or not. Due to all these little "victories" through the years to protect minorities of one sort or another, we're starting to see them snowball into what amounts to general attempts at censorship.

After all if a gay, black, hispanic, muslim, or whatever has the right to be protected by a magical umbrella from anything hurtful or rude, the big question is why everyone isn't entitled to this, and really that is where this kind of legislation is coming from.

This is a big part of why I've been fighting in "defense" of these bigots, racists, and other sorts to say and do their thing, it's honestly NOT because I agreed with them in all cases, but because I saw this kind of thing coming, slowly but surely, and nobody wanted to listen. To those argueing against "hate speech" and such what I was saying was "just an excuse" yet here we are...


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Apr 23, 2009
To be honest, I hate internet trolls with a PASSION. That guy who went to jail (, IMO, had it coming. Let's be honest: do you like trolls, even if they're not directing their baseless hatred or intentionally reaction-gauging comments at you? Trolls need to get it into their heads that they can't do what they do anymore.

I say, keep the arrest law for OUTRAGEOUS cases of trolling, like the case mentioned above, but just issue IP bans to the other cases.


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Mar 26, 2009
This is a slippery and dangerous precedent they are setting here. I don't support this kind of legislation at all. People in this nation, and most nations are becoming such pussies that it boggles my damn mind. Awww, someone hurt your poor little feelers you fucking weakling? Grow some damn skin!

Our politicians need to be thrown the fuck out, they are truly making this world a prison planet.


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Nov 7, 2010
Alright, well, address the warrant to Australia, and come pick me up for trolling some Arizona doochebag for being crap at ME3 online - we'll see what my country has to say about it.

Andy Chalk

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Nov 12, 2002
HeWhoFightsBosses said:
I say, keep the arrest law for OUTRAGEOUS cases of trolling, like the case mentioned above, but just issue IP bans to the other cases.
But that illustrates exactly what's wrong with this law: Who gets to decide what qualifies as "outrageous?" I'd love to see fewer dicks on the internet, but we're talking about locking people up for saying something offensive on the internet.
Apr 5, 2012
SnakeoilSage said:
Arizona is on the verge of Chapter 11 and it wants to take on the internet next?
Nothing takes the populations mind off impending economic disaster like a good moral crusade. This is still not as bad as other states that are trying to block anti-bulling laws (something I am not sure is the purview of the law anyway) with the argument that it infringes on peoples freedom of speech and religious rights. Because Jesus, the peace lover, told them to beat the shit out of the gay kid in their homeroom, of course.