Interstellar: Which ending would you have preferred? SPOILER ALERT


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Mar 27, 2012
The "happy ending" certainly have issues, but this "sad ending" has so many more holes in it they probably could've went through those to find new planets :p

Zack Alklazaris said:
Also I can not accept humans saving themselves because it is a serious paradox. It could be explained if they stated the human race survived the second dust bowl, but felt it left a black mark on the race that needed be to correct. There was no explanation.
That would depend on how time travel actually works and the mechanics involved, and frankly that's far beyond the scope of a movie(and for that matter, modern science as well).

They use the black hole to catapult themselves to the last planet (you know the one they never visited or explained what happened to the team that was sent there). The planet could be the Eden planet they were searching for or had the resources necessary to refuel. By then Murph could of discovered the secret to creating a massless object. They could of come back from failure only to discover the human race now lives on a giant space station.
Uh, they did - Edmund(there is no team, they were all solo missions) died while he was in cold sleep, his living module having been crushed by a rock slide. That's Edmund's grave that Amelia was tending to at the end of the movie, and where she was setting up the colony from their "plan B".

I mean I just thought of that in 2 minutes, how the hell did they pull a black hole is really an entrance to another dimension that sends the main character to a space library and communicates with his daughter through love before finally being rescued by space rangers.
Well, all the holes you missed in your theories aside, it's not that the black hole is an entrance to another dimension - but rather the Future Humans built the Tesseract inside the black hole specifically for Cooper to go in and use to send the data to his daughter. As for the how, in the story the Future Humans have advanced to the point of able to create wormholes and manipulate dimensions inside a blackhole, that's how.


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Jun 6, 2008
"Too much science" lol Interstellar. Not that I didn't enjoy Hans Zimmer's attempt to destroy theaters THROUGH THE POWER OF SOUND and I definitely prefer bad endings to good, but this was clearly a Spielbergian movie handed to Nolan, it wouldn't have worked with the sad ending. It kind of needed a nonsense fuzzy-feel ending.