Inventor Constructs Terrifying 12 Foot Tall SpiderBot


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Sep 18, 2009
Pallindrome: well, someone could have pulled a couple legs off.

I had to skim this, so a question: Did he, at any point, utter the immortal lines "They called me crazy. Me, crazy! They said my work was an abomination unto god. Burnt down my lab, ran me out of town. But I'll show them! Oh, I'LL SHOW THEM!!!"
That's your proper mad scientist right there. Everything else is merely eccentric technician.

(I'd be tempted to say this one has the spark, but it's not a particularly good breakthrough if so... I mean, 3 years just to make the base chassis? Not nearly fast enough.)

ANYWAY. I have doubts about this. Either this man is utterly certifiable, in possibly a not entirely good way, or this is a viral for some upcoming mech / steampunk / whatever title. Check the start of it. He's done all that, and with some success, but doesn't even know US line voltage, or wire insulation colours to any more modern a standard than about the late 70s? Baffled by brown live, blue neutral, green/yellow earth, and wants red/black to use ... in order to plug into a (far too small looking) rectifier from which DC will come ... on red and black?!
Then jemmies it all together with pretty much no insulation, wearing metal chains around his arms (wtf) and no gloves, crimps the bullet connectors using mole-grips... I did a better job than that adding hotgrips to my motorbike, over the course of a few days, and I'm pretty sure I still did a bloody awful job of it which will electrocute me and leave me twitching in the gutter surrounded by a ring of petrochemical fire next time it rains.

The dialogue doesn't get better in the direction of suggesting that he actually knows what he's doing enough to have built that one handed (or at least, his CONSCIOUS mind doesn't)... then there's the whole running whooping in the snow thing.

To give him or the thing's actual builder his/their due though, it does at least work enough to make a step. Which is great progress towards one of the final building blocks of Skynet's eventual triumph.

Never mind I had plans for something similar in an old Lego Pneumatics kit, and the Youess Gubmint has already made the frankly far more terrifying "Big Dog" thing, in all its chainsaw powered, headless, staggering glory. ;)