Is Reddit Under Secret Surveillance by the Government?


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May 28, 2011
Eric the Orange said:
Ah Reddit, the hotbed of terrorist activity.

But seriously why would the government need a warrant? aren't all Reddit threads open to the public? If they wanted to watch what people are saying they could just read it like anyone else.
you can set your subreddit to invite only and only invited people can see it.

The Enquirer said:
The way I read it (heh) is that they're trying to find information about users. Plus, without knowing the inner workings of said hive of scum and villainy, I'd imagine there's a private messaging system or something akin to that.
there is a PM system just like in any other forum. But they are shit out of luck. The way reddit databases are handled makes tracking things really hard. Reddit is a bit fucked up in how it works but changing it now is too big of a task to do at once according to devs.

altnameJag said:
The Internet came about to link governmental and military agencies together to facilitate the flow of information if I recall correctly.
The multi user network, that evolved into Internet that we know, was originally created to link military bases together in such a way that in an event of nuclear warfare military would still be able to communicate with each other. All above-ground communications would be destroyed in the EMPs of nuclear blasts, so underground wired connection was the solution. Thus the internet was born.