Is there anything that you will refuse to do in a game?


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Aug 13, 2008
WanderFreak said:
NOT shoot enemies in the groin.

I just can't bring myself to not do it.
That's me with Heavenly Sword. Loved that game, great writing (by the daughter of Terry Pratchett!) but I was either really good or really bad (depending on how you look at it) with the SIXAXIS controls on the arrow sections. Every last enemy caught my arrow with their groin or their ass... I guess it was the easiest thing to aim for?


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Jul 17, 2009
lets see how many i can list and for the exact opposite reasons of the 10 i read before scrolling down to the reply box

not pickpocket everyone i see till ive cleaned out every coin purse of the berks in the ward

follow the agenda of any religious figure unless it gives me a chance to kill him later

give coaxmetal the modron cube to get the entropy blade because killing the wizard construct is far too fun then having a weapon that fits my alignment perfectly and does enough damage to make a greater galbrezu look like a little girl because ill just primary mage and have 9 cloudkill spells on so everything dies anyway and a spell of celestial host that a nicked from trias even though i killed him anyway

i cant kill everyone in the slums of the hive but this is just because the lady comes and i forget to save most of the time

not work out exploits that give me godlike status such as the one in soulbringer where you edit the xp file to give you about -7 xp on the first quest so you go up to level -32 max out everyone of your stats so you can just kill every non major character and never heal once and still have 12 thousand hp left for the fight against skorn (out balancing the elements so you absorb fire then casting magma doesnt count as healing)

not kill every fleeing soldier on the battle or most of them a few always manage to scurry past

play through a game without just plowing through the story line and missing nearly everything that makes you kick ass,the first time

i have a difficult time ending the lives of every luxon i see mostly because theyre set to friendly and wont follow me into the cluster fuck that is a location with a boss in it

generally i cant not take the evil route unless the game design is to be evil then to mess with its mind i go and try to be good by only killing half the cities population quickly instead of all of them slowly

i also cant not have that feeling of pleasure when you can slaughter hordes of people with a single character and the only thing they did wrong was be on not your side or owe me money

and thanks guy who mentioned planescape torment

PS you can get morte back when to take the trip to baator and that book was the main force making me evil/chaotic since the moment i hit either i had a conversation with a party member (promising dak'kon i would free him only to keep his morale up so the krach turned into the rapestick) i was instantly thrown back into nuetral


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Apr 26, 2009
I have problems playing as an evil personality in general. I'm better with it when I'm pissed off, yet I oftentimes still won't do certain things.

RemSaverem said:
Every last enemy caught my arrow with their groin or their ass... I guess it was the easiest thing to aim for?
That's hilarious. I would somehow generally manage to hit their ankles, which you'd think would be a difficult task.


Feb 9, 2009
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Syphonz said:
I`ll never play as Èvil on the first playthrough of any morality system game.
I'm the same way, one of my friends jokingly messes with me because he always does the evil things first. In games like that, namely Mass Effect, I tend to act more noble and respectful.

One thing I will not do in games however, are tedious side quests that get old quickly -/cough-AssassinsCreedpickpocketing-cough-


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Mar 27, 2008
I refuse to kill children. I dislike killing noncombatants in general, but I won't play a game that forces me to kill children. Sorry, Prey, I hear you were fun.


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Jul 19, 2009
it depends on 3 things

1 my mood
if im mad sad or generally filing bad (oh noes i rimed!!) ill do it good thing im not emo or thayd be tost :)

2 the ppl
if thay piss me off ill laugh at them when thay fail at defending themselves but if thay are nice to me then i most likely depending on the other 2 wont kill them

3 if my friends are their
i don't know i guess it is just more fun to be evil with a friend than good