Jimquisition: Super Ethical Vlogging Climax


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Nov 28, 2007
telaros said:
Sweet! Congrats in the VA role Jim!

I'll pick up a copy even if it does end up sucking just because you are the man I trust most to give an honest opinion about the games industry. I'm sure you did an awesome job on the VA bits anyways, here's to you getting more roles in games! xD
Lisa did Lococycle, and now Jim is doing this game... now all we need is to see if they both wind up VAing in a game together, maybe invite Yahtzee along as well. :)


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Jul 14, 2011
Doctor Proctor said:
At least Jim got the facts mostly right, unlike the Escapist Podcast. One thing he glossed over though was that the NDA that was a part of this deal did NOT prevent disclosure, it was just an NDA on the terms of the contract.
If the terms of the agreement were under NDA, then how would you know it did not prevent disclosure?

An NDA on the terms of the contract also does seem like a method of preventing disclosure. If they aren't allowed to talk about the terms, then they aren't really disclosing anything, are they?


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Aug 12, 2013
Iceklimber said:
When will Jim releases the completed version of his "early Access" Epizode?
Why does he need to? He got our money/views and there's no reason for him to waste time finishing it. Just like most early access games!


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Aug 5, 2009
That xBone licking looked excruciating. We're lucky our savior is fair, even when he doesn't need to be.


Jan 10, 2009
Shjade said:
PuckFuppet said:
This whole "watch other people play games or review things on youtube" thing has passed me completely by, as has most eh... "gamer culture" really, and I really don't see the outright appeal.
As entertainment, eh. Very few LP's hold my interest in that sense.
Yeah, that is where I fall down too. I can understand the reviews but LP's... not as much.


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Nov 20, 2009
I am at a loss for why this is an issue. Not because its obscenely wrong, because it is. Because this type of garbage has been allowed relatively unchecked for literally centuries. Sure in the last century we have seen "marketing" become a multi billion dollar (and pushing trillion water) global industry. People not only tolerate it, but cheer it on lovingly. So getting bent about one tiny element of it doing exactly what it is expected to do seems a little silly and very counter productive. Something should have been done about it looooooooooong before now.



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Jul 14, 2009
I'm not even sire what to make of this. On the one hand, Jim's reasoning is sound. On the other hand he and his colleagues have gotten rare promotional schwag from companies; one in particular that stands out was Jim Sterling unboxing his GTA5 goodies prior to his review, which was favorable (9/10). This isn't to imply anything, I'm simply stating what I actually saw. That's still a means of compensation, or bribery, or whatever your preferred phrasing. Anything that creates a conflict of interest, including but not exclusively monetary or collectibles, raises questions.

I don't know which you will enjoy, Brand A or Brand B, but Brand A's makers would like you to enjoy this totally not related Brand A bouquet of flowers and chocolates while you make your decision.

Same goes with advertisements and sponsorship. I remember some infamous ones here with 1UP and Gamespot, the latter especially because of the whole Gerstmann controversy.

Again, Jim's reasoning is sound, but it doesn't play out well in light of, well, how things play out. Your hands aren't exactly clean on this one, Jim, so the whole concept of playing it down comes off a bit disingenuous if not overtly hypocritical and dishonest, especially when words like "shame" are being leveled at those that do partake.

Totally respect your last point. I'm a big fan of consensus, so reading user reviews from several places to get an idea rather than a rating has worked out well enough for me. Fans will be biased because they are fans, some people simply because of a company's name, so there's a lot not to rely on out there.


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May 28, 2011
Bribase said:
Just out of interest, what game in the video had the guy in the rucksack on the quad bike? it looks awful.
The videos he used were from Unearthed: Train of IBN Battuta that Jim has shown us on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pdp-JxX4Rdw

In his previuos segment of this game, it was called "worst game of the year", he also reviewed it and gave i a 1,5 stars [http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/editorials/reviews/10905-Unearthed-Trail-of-Ibn-Battuta-Episode-One-Review-Nathan-Fake].

Yes, that game is awful.


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Nov 30, 2009
Just gotta nitpick a little, sorry.

boogie got an Xbox One early and still ripped it to shreds. Not Francis. boogie. Francis is just a character.

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Dec 12, 2013
The truly idiotic thing is that it's not really necessary. It's like they are trying to force word of mouth. They shouldn't, and just let the games speak from themselves. Speaking as someone who owns a One, it has some really great games already. I love the silliness of Dead Rising 3, Zoo Tycoon is great and Peggle 2 is like injecting pure, unadulterated fun right into your veins.

They didn't need to "buy off" people to say that some of the stuff the Xbox had was great, that sort of thing would've come naturally, in time. But no, they wanted it now, and just look even stupider, and the internet's image of them will continue to get worse (not that you should always pay attention to the internet, I might add)[/quote]

I Have to slightly disagree with you, If people are left to decide to buy a xbone or ps4 on games alone, no one would buy,
Zoo tycoon could have been on 360 and ps3 graphics wise and as for Peggle 2....its PEGGLE, it can be ported to the worse and cheapest tablet. So far there are maybe 2 good exclusives for each console, all that has happened so far is we now have half the market playing a game on the old machine and half on the new one, call of duty for instance.

I personally think Microsoft is worried,they already try to ransom the audience and games makers with this needless one month early access to Dlc packs for certain games, now they have to buy good press.

The state of the industry is polluted at the moment.


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Sep 14, 2008
Hmm, very good video... Well, regardless, I know there's ONE guy I can trust! Thank God for Jim!


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Sep 1, 2013
I'm just GLaD that IGN is a satirical website. Otherwise I'd be worried tgat Call of Duty: Ghosts was called innovative and deep, as well as scored higher than Portal. That's 8.8 to 8.2. But as I said, I'm happy they're a satirical organisation.