JK Rowling Explores Harry Potter Grown Up in New Short Story

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Sep 10, 2008
Wait, they didn't kill that ***** Skeeter?

Or at very least give her a prison term for all that crap she did in the various books?


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Apr 11, 2011
Brian Tams said:
JoshuaMadoc said:
33 and already having streaks of silver on his hair? Does Rowling live her life being surrounded by men suffering from rapid aging?
Considering how Harry spent the majority of his life trying to be murdered by a psuedo-immortal being, and then had to hoist both the wizarding world and the human world onto his back in order to save them, I wouldn't be shocked if he's aged from the immense amount of stress he was under.
also he sort of almost died once

and his job is probably dangerous and may have almost died more times

overall he's got a pretty busy life

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Mar 3, 2010
weirdee said:
also he sort of almost died once
Minus the "sort of". He DID die, flat out. But was returned to life by one of the Deathly Hollows. Good thing No Nose sent Mrs. Malfoy Sr instead of someone like Bellatrix to check on the body huh?