Jonathan Blow Clarifies The Witness PS4 Exclusivity


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Dec 4, 2011
kortin said:
I, personally, despise Jonathan Blow because him and like-minded people hinder the Game Industry just as much as the jerkoffs at the top of Activision and EA.
I disagree, he doesn't have any real power to change the industry. That means that he makes a value if somewhat ineffectual devil's advocate, throwing discussion topics at us to fight over.


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Jan 1, 2011
kortin said:
Raiyan 1.0 said:
Riff Moonraker said:
Thats nice. Good for Mr. Blow. I bought Braid when it came out on the Xbox. But when, and mark my words that it will, it comes out on the next Xbox, I will not be purchasing it.
I don't understand why people would get wound up for his remark. He didn't insult you, the XBox consumer. He was just critical of the MS middle-management when it comes to the indie marketplace.

Fanboyism at its worst.
Jonathan Blow is a pretentious dipshit who frowns upon non-artsy games and believes the only games that should exist should be heavily artistic (a value I, and many others, disagree with severely; Limiting a medium only to super heavily detailed art will only hinder its progress). His game wasn't even that good or deep. He's just an arse.

I, personally, despise Jonathan Blow because him and like-minded people hinder the Game Industry just as much as the jerkoffs at the top of Activision and EA.
Did you just equate Blow with EA and Activison? Aren't you being a bit... hyperbolic? He just talks about his wishes on what direction gaming would progress - no developer, publisher or consumer is beholden to that. He's not cracking a whip over hundreds of developers to make artsy games, and shutting down entire studios to 'realign his priorities'.

Anyway, usually my contention with Blow is how he is portrayed by the media. I remember an interview by the Atlanta that was fawning over him in a revolting manner, calling him a gaming messiah. Blow ended up looking like a douche, even though he insinuated nothing about 'saving gaming' or something (just read this). I usually found him straight to the point and I really enjoyed the Braid puzzles, and his technical talks to other developers are always interesting.

But that's my outlook, and you're entitled to your own. I quoted the original poster not because he hated Blow's ego (and once again, one can have perfectly valid reasons to), but because he was refusing to buy a (possibly) good game because the developer slighted the manufacturer of his favorite console.


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Jun 11, 2008
I'd just like to point out that all developers claimed to have nothing ps4 related until the conference, so they are probably also claiming to not have anything xbox related either, some exclusivities are announced purely due to the ps4 currently being the only future console right now.


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Dec 14, 2009
Jove said:
Eh, I don't see how that trailer constitutes as a "gameplay" trailer but oh well. I also consider Blow an arrogant hack so I pretty much take what he says with a grain of salt.

Actually, this video describes Blow perfectly.
Yup, he's a straight up douchebag.

Apparently mainstream games are a cavalcade of mediocrity.