Jurassic World - That final scene (spoiler warning)

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Oct 8, 2011
rorychief said:
From the beginning I knew the movie wasn't for me, so I can't claim to be disappointed or betrayed, and not because it was a film for children, films for children embrace wonder and awe, jurassic world didn't even try. I was disappointed because it was a film made for the dumbest kind of adults, less for children desensitized to violence, and more for adults desensitized to being treated like children.
I think its odd when fans of the original talk as though this movie is a natural progression, as though when they saw the original they wanted to see a velociraptor and t rex work together or raptors running alongside a motorcycle and this is the film that finally delivers on that promise. Like people really want to see humans riding on the back of dinosaurs, gene potions that turn people into dinosaurs with little wigs on, a dinosaur that's a terminator, a dragon that airlifts and delivers t-rex's into combat, a feral girl raised by dinosuars who tucks her arms to her armpits and believes she's a dinosaur, a dinosaur terrorist leading a dinosaur uprising and he has cataracts so wears special dinosaur sunglasses, somebody getting swallowed by a dinosaur and cutting their way free from its belly with a light saber. It sounds silly but those are exactly the imaginations this movie caters to. My imagination doesn't work that way. Fan service for a different kind of fan I suppose.
I was kind of on board/mildly offended at being referred to as "the dumbest kind of adult" but I got lost in all the words that came after and realised just how far this explanation was going so I don't feel so bad anymore.

I think there's a difference between a movie being made for "dumb adults" and making a movie "for fun". All the stuff you mentioned is more a parody than what was actually going on in this movie where a motorcycle purring DOES remotely sound like the movie's velociraptor call and, since dinosaurs are extinct, we can plant this idea that perhaps even aggressive animals have a rough id idealolgy of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". Is it accurate? No but if you came to this Jurassic Park movie expecting accuracy, you would've been better off watching something along the lines of "Walking With Dinosaurs" or something.

OT: I thought it was great. I love seeing JP movies in theatres and I was like a kid at Christmas seeing Rexie, raptors and even (non-dinosaur) Mosasaurus on the big screen. I liked the choreography of the final fight scene (even though seriously, the heels thing just made me scoff but first world problem).


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Jan 27, 2011
Lets see:

Lots of talk about physics and real-world science, complete with mathematical calculations.

Paragraphs upon paragraphs sniping about the capabilities of military hardware.

Snark, condescension, passive-aggressive insulting of each other's intelligence.

All over whether or not dinosaurs can defeat the military.

I'm sorry, when did this place turn into Spacebattles?


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Sep 25, 2012
TakerFoxx said:
I don't know about the other people but I love hashing through what-if scenarios, it's really interesting and it's where you get good ideas from. It doesn't matter how stupid the scenario you start with as long as you chew through it with sincerity.

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Sep 6, 2014
Dynast Brass said:
If you're willing to engage in area denial tactics like firebombing, I think you could have a point. They are generally cheap, and you don't have to aim. You would in essence be replicating some of the realities which forced some dinosaur species to extinction. I'm not sure about targeting though, so you might have to sacrifice the entire region. It would have the same basic effect as a nuclear strike, without the radiation.
Well there's the lack of fallout, and more importantly, if you use napalm instead of a nuke, you can gather up all the freshly roasted dinosaur, feed a few hundred thousand people delicious meat, and call it a humanitarian effort. Biggest grill party in history, if you will.


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Nov 27, 2010
As much as I enjoyed that scene at the time afterwords I started thinking about various bits of the movie too much with my main concerns being lady lose the high heels I refuse to suspend my disbelief of you outrunning a t-rex whilst wearing them. Which brings up the next point of why is the t-rex paddock in the main compound? There's stupid and then there's too stupid to live.


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Nov 20, 2008
Dynast Brass said:
I feel it is by cheating that we learn new and interesting things about the universe. If the cheat turns out to be the correct understanding instead, we've learned something very interesting. I think there have been some discoveries like that. Ahh...wasn't it the study of certain elements where a scientist was trying very hard to disprove something he found and that because he couldn't do it, he had to accept that he had founda very fundamental earth-shattering truth? I'll have to look that up again.


Oct 28, 2013
Whaaaaat the fffff...well, if this ain't the weirdest thing I've read all night.

Just step away from the keyboard and put your hands on your head, please.