Kim Dotcom Denied Access to US Extradition Evidence by NZ Top Court


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Nov 20, 2008
thebobmaster said:
Why is everyone talking about the US violating the constitution when it is New Zealand that denied Dotcom access to the evidence?
They're probably assuming US pressuring, which I can't comment on because I have no idea.

OT: Personally, I find this taking on the form of a bullshit witch hunt, though really the big picture is that this is accomplishing nothing.


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May 16, 2010
Raziel said:
cerebus23 said:
Wrong the top cop in the nation takes an oath to uphold the laws of the nation not pick and choose.

the attorney general is a criminal. he cannot pick laws he cannot change laws that is congresses job to set the laws not the attoney generals is to enforce them period.
Every cop, every prosecutor picks what laws they enforce. Ever get off on a warning? All those people cutting a deal. Thats them not enforcing a law.
the top cop in the nation that take an OATH to prosecute the laws as directed by the congress he does not have the authority to say ignore immigration laws because he does not like them, criminal action. treason actually if you want to get really technical oaths and all.


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Feb 24, 2011
cerebus23 said:
it not a qestion of resources of course administration pick focuses bush jr was not know for going after pot that much but clinton mr i never inhaled went after them with a vengence.

holder just said i dont like this law so i will not enforce it, i dont like this oversight so i will ignore it, i want mass spying so i will justify it by twisting regulations or outright rewriting them in secret that is what i am talking about i am talking about justice carried out at the whims of big corporate doners.

kimdotcom is hardly the biggest threat in the world criminal or otherwise the only reason half the actions taken by this white house and the previous one on internet security have been because of doner pressure to make these websites go away by the record and movie industries.

nevermind that the reason half our laws and bill of right exist is to prevent grand fishing expeditions which is all this amounts to if they just swooped in and out and stuff and been sitting on it for how long now? but in this new era of b.s. passing for federal oversight they can just sift and sift and not provide anything.
First off, god damn learn to English.

Second, it is a resource thing most of the time. You see, "I don't want to enforce this" when in reality they have chosen their priorities based on the available manpower. Yes, Holder and Obama have just ignored laws and did what they wanted but that's for R&P.

Third, learn the law before you try to talk about it. The US laws being used in this case haven't been fundamentally altered to go after this guy. This is the same type of investigation that went after Capone and the other mob heads in the late 20's and the 30's. They just have some different charges, but some are the same too.