Life and its purpose, or: eureka, I have found it!


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Aug 26, 2017
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Much has been made about the human animal, and its purpose upon this earth. Whether it be spiritual or secular, personal or societal. The issue has been discussed ad nauseum, and we are no closer to finding the answer then we were when we started. Until today. Sitting down, it occurred to me that method for solving this problem was actually quite simple. The problem was not that people were incapable of finding the answer. The problem is that people didn't want to find the answer. In truth, the answer has been right in front of us from the very beginning.

Let me explain. Every tool upon this earth has a purpose. A hammer is used to beat down and remove nails. A clever craftsman can find other creative uses for it, of course, but its core purpose, it's raison detra, is to hammer nails down, and pull nails up. Every aspect of its design reflects this. The handle allows us to grasp and swing the tool. The blunt piece at the front allows us to apply force. The back allows us to create leverage, and remove nails. Furthermore, while some hammers may look different from others, fundamentally they share the same principles. Human beings are the same. To understand the purpose of humanity, we must ask ourselves two questions.

1) What is the ultimate purpose of our bodies, as they are designed?

2) What do all humans have in common, regardless of our other differences?

When we look at our situation from a practical perspective, the answer becomes obvious. Human beings exist to produce shit. Who can truly understand the strange alchemy that occurs within our stomachs? It is a miracle of life. Like a factory, our purpose is to consume raw material, and convert it into feces. All humans shit. A human can survive without purpose, joy, or meaning. A human does not need art, music, religion, or culture to survive. These are superficialities. But a human that cannot shit, ceases to live. Every aspect of our being, from our mouth, to our stomach, to our bowels, to our anus, exists to create shit and put it into the world. Our hands allow us to grasp food, so that we may continue this process. Our feet allow us to search for resources. Our minds and higher level of intelligence allow us to create greater stores of food, so that this process can be expedited. And yet, if you took away a living persons limbs and higher level intelligence, the fundamentals would still be there. They would still produce shit as long as you gave them food.

Now, I know what many of you a asking. Fox, how can you be sure that the purpose of humanity is to create shit, and not to consume food? Perhaps the shit itself is actually the byproduct to our true purpose. But this is mistaken. No matter how much you eat, there is always more. The sun creates energy, which grows plants, which are eaten by animals, and then converted to shit. Furthermore, humans cannot consume everything on this earth. Other animals exist to eat other types of organic matter. Humans are only one part of a larger ecosystem of shit creation. The purpose of most intelligent life on this planet is to create shit.

Now, I do not pretend to know what the purpose of shit creation is. Perhaps it is its own reason of being. Maybe our creators made us for this purpose, and forgot about us. A tool without a craftsman. Or perhaps there is some greater cosmic purpose we do not understand. Regardless, we will not find the answer by turning away from the truth. The sooner we accept this reality, the sooner we can set out on the path of knowledge. Some people will be scared of what we have to tell them. I am well aware that society is not entirely ready for our message. They will scream at you, and say things like "stop shitting in my cadilac Fox, you fucking barbarian. This is the third time this week, and I have work in the morning." This is what its like to be the tip of the spear. To bear the burden of truth. But it must begins somewhere, so let it begin with us.


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Sep 23, 2010
Now, I do not pretend to know what the purpose of shit creation is.
Obviously it's so other things can eat it and turn it back to food so we can eat it again and start the process all over again.
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May 13, 2009
Obviously it's so other things can eat it and turn it back to food so we can eat it again and start the process all over again.
Or as BC stated, we exist because the plants need the CO2.
Course, Monty Python's the meaning of life found it has something to do with men not wearing enough hats. But in Heaven, there are all of the latest video games. So we got that going for us.

Actually, the final message is try to get along with others. Not very much.
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Oct 20, 2022
To live is to live. The problem with living is when another man tricks another man out of living.

1) What is the ultimate purpose of our bodies, as they are designed?

We have various purposes. The point is that man is a god-like creature. Which means we are god-like beings. Problem? Even if we figure out peace we still have the problem of discrimination via income.

Imagine going into a line for employment, your educated, have no demerits, is willing to show up early and leave later but they want to label you a cleaner.
That is our current problem. Employment and being turned down for various reasons not being able to function at all.

2) What do all humans have in common, regardless of our other differences?

We are the same in general. The problem is dealing with the problems of the old

Democratic Republican v. Whig/Central Banking Party/Republican
Carpet Baggers recruiting Southern-Democratic( was a party ) into the Republican party
Christianity v. Judaism
Man against Man
Women against men ( Seperation of sexes )
LGBT ( Seperation of sexes )
Religion / Culture / Race
Slave owners not receiving payment/reparations for all the slaves that was freed, along with reparations for all those who was slaves. Thus the creation of the poverty stricken south.
Reparations for lost land due to barriers not being installed. Like what happen in Long Island NY. The country clubs was given attention but all the beach houses washed away.


You talk about $#@$$# look if your talking about using the bathroom that is a normal thing and honestly it is sad to talk about that.
If your talking about capitalism? Well it is a form of peace I guess. Honest to gosh as a man everything is digital.

I mean half the $#@[email protected]#$$ I own are just books to VHS type stuff and videogame cartridges, not counting clothing and tools. Beyond that my room would be naked asides a few furniture.
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