List of "Features" that actually will sell a game to you


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Jun 8, 2015
To play off OP, I would probably jump on a new RPG that claimed to break the current bigger-and-bloatier-the-better trend. Give me quality over quantity...

Can be completed in less than 100 hours.
No bloat. No boring filler/fetch quests.
Enthralling, focused storyline that grabs you and takes you for a ride.
Manageable-sized maps, minimizing time spent on tedious exploration.


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Aug 31, 2009
Split-screen co-op, cheats, achievements/trophies that don't mind when you do or don't cheat or use the couch co-op...Fun...I like fun games. Jet packs are also a good selling point for me...vehicle, character and, costume customization to the extreme (I want to change my race, species, binaries either please, Saint's Row 2 had a gender slider after all)...I'd also rather have a cartoony looking game with a really good frame rate than a realistic looking game. Wind Waker really didn't need an HD re-release, nor did Okami (has that been HD-ified?) so something with that kind of aesthetic is perfectly fine by me.


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Sep 9, 2013
Co op- even better if it's on the same console, but nothing beats a 2,3,4 player romp like Borderlands or most mmos.

Job/class systems- like the older Final Fantasy titles, Tactics, Fire Emblem, Disgaea etc. Building each unit to be unique and still balancing them to work together is a big draw for me.

Good story- I'm honestly not a graphics guy if the story is long and engaging. No filler/pointless runaround.

Social/team aspects-being easy to communicate and share makes a big impact on my desire to keep coming back.

I'm quickly realizing I'm basically describing MMOs... And if you ignore Story, Battlefield... Which are basically what I play on my PS4.


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Dec 28, 2012
I don't think I've found any term that can't be abused by a Publisher's marketing department. I don't really care a great deal what the features are only how well they've been done.


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Jan 8, 2010
This questions a bit too broad. Aside side from "fun gameplay" which can mean a lot of things and "good story", if it's cheap and I'm not sure about it a character creator that's half decent will often get me to buy it. Worse comes to worse at least i can have some fun with that. Same with mods.
!00+ hour content is actually starting to put me off.


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Jul 6, 2015
Randomness, if a Diablo style loot system(just complete insanity in modifiers) is done right I absolutely love searching around for the absolutely perfect variant of a weapon, whenever I play BL1 I'm always hunting around for the upgrade to my old standby lucky 7's masher.

Easy to understand mechanics, I actually tried to play Star Ruler 2 at one point and the mechanics were so nebulous and badly named(I still have no idea if pressure is a good or bad thing at this point) I guess this is more down to information given to the player and tooltips.

More "Helpful" less "handholdy" tutorials, By this I mean that everybody at this point should know that right stick moves camera, left stick moves your character, if not they should RTFM or learn to just start randomly pushing buttons on their controller to see what happens. BUT a lot of tutorials won't tell you weird hidden mechanics, obviously I wouldn't expect every game mechanic to be explained completely but a TON of RPG's have all kinds of their own shitty names for "strength" and "intelligence" and they won't tell you what they do. This wouldn't make me mad but generally in the same tutorial they'll tell you how to look up and down but not that.

Interesting(and fast feeling) movement mechanics, I really like playing games where I feel like I'm going fast and I really love the feeling of having advanced movement mechanics in a 3rd/1st person shooter. One of my standbys is Zdoom where I just fly through the levels and feel like a bladvass every time the double barrel shotgun reload lines up perfectly with an enemy.

A lack of mouse acceleration, I physically couldn't play Just cause 2 for years because there wasn't a solution for the horrible mouse acceleration in that game.

Not having enter be the ok button, Fallout 4 dodged this just barely by letting you press E for enter. But it is DISGUSTINGLY common to have games that require you to use WASD and then press ENTER of all keys to say advance text or press yes.

Rebindable keys, this isn't always a problem with me(unless crouch is the C button) but it is a massive issue for a friend I have who is left handed and can't really do a WASD setup.

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Feb 11, 2009
Voice work by;
Mark Meer
Tara Strong
Ali Hillis (except FFXIII and derivatives)
Steve Downes
Michael Ironsides
John DiMaggio
Jen Taylor

Developed by;
CDProjekt RED
Infinity ward
Epic Games
Ion Storm Austin (I can dream damn it!)

Gameplay features;

Remappable controls (honestly no longer an issue with Xbox one controller remap options being universal)
Over 120 hrs gameplay
Open world with high density and great substance
Arena AND casual multiplayer (like Halo 5 and Blops 3)
Dual wielding
In depth character progression
Ridiculously deep dialogues
Great expansion packs
Character physical changes mirroring actions (thinking more Black and white 1 or fable 1 than Mass effect 2 or fable 3)
Rest area building up over time to reflect specific achievements.
Well rounded characters with diverse and interesting backgrounds
Difficulty that goes to insane "Harder than hard" options for when I feel masochistic
New game plus
My little pony references or customisation options (thanks forza and fallout! Also the only reason I spent money on Borderlands 2)

Bonus round: Things that make a game less likely to be purchased or even a 100% never spend money on rating:

-5% : Having to unlock basic difficulty levels through multiple playthroughs
-10% : Jennifer Hale
-10% : Preorder campaign that locks specific content to versions of the game
-20% : Gearbox
-40% : Anthony Burch in any way
-40% : Preorder campaign that requires you to get others to preorder and choose from different content and never get the full game
-50% : Half the story content locked in premium DLC
-70% : Microtransactions locking content that can't be reasonably acquired in other ways.
-88% : Double fine, Tim Schaefer
-90% : Shoehorned in "diversity" that is reductive to the character and the minority they suddenly represent
-95% Attempting to pander to hipsters and the regressive crowd to score identity politics points
-100% : Special thanks to HER


Jun 9, 2010
A multiplayer game that has bots. Its criminal how practically nobody does bots any more. I much prefer a shooter with a solid offline bot function than a generic and bland 4 hour campaign.

If it's a PC game, extensive mod support is another feature I like to see. Not just Steam Workshop support for custom maps only (Really dislike how limiting and poor Workshop support for many games are -don't get why people request support for it when it's a 10 year old game with already established online sites and communities who wouldn't want to be limited by a workshop. All the mods won't just magically appear on the Workshop ya know), but a full fledged editor so people can make total converdiond, overhauls and the like.