London Game Career Fair A Success: Sponsors

Junaid Alam

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Apr 10, 2007
London Game Career Fair A Success: Sponsors

The London Game Career Fair, attended by about 2,000 students, graduates and industry professionals, was billed a success by one of its sponsors.

Running in its second year, the event was held by and Gamasutra. Exhibitors included representatives from Electronic Arts, Escape Studios, Sega, Rare, Kuju Entertainment and others.

The news arm of the reported that participants were pleased with the turnout and response.

"The turnout has been absolutely superb from our point of view. We've seen so many people, and it's great for us to be talking to the guys who are actual fans of our company, and fans of the games that we make," said Sega recruitment manager Julian Davidson.

The organizers appeared equally pleased. "The number of attendees - nearly double last year's inaugural event - exceeded the organizers' expectations both in quantity and in quality, with a higher percentage of experienced professionals from both the game industry and related industries, like film and animation," an earlier news release noted.

The event focused on career and technical advice provided by industry insiders and journalists, and was the sole recruitment event for the London Games Festival.

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