Luigi Actor Danny Wells Dies


Is this memes?
Apr 4, 2020
hot-soup said:
Good, everyone knows Luigi is the lesser brother. Serves him well... And this is not news worthy of a gaming site! Get some real news on this bloody site for once!
Like I said in the other thread (where you never bothered to reply to me), if you don't like the news posted on "this bloody site", go elsewhere.

I'm not sure if you have me on ignore, have quote notifications turned off, or simply stubbornly refuse to reply to people.
Regardless, no one's forcing you to open news threads you don't like.


Apr 26, 2020
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Well we still have the princess and Toad but who's gonna stop Stoopa Troopa? Oogtar?


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Dec 24, 2008
NO!!!! Not during the year of Luigi!

You shouldn't have eaten so much spaghetti on the show!

RIP Danny Wells.


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Jan 19, 2009
erttheking said:
WHY IS EVERYONE DYING ALL OF A SUDDEN!? Jesus Christ reality, stop reminding me of the frailty of the human race.
It's only going to get worse, man. Adults in your childhood are now seniors. :(


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Nov 28, 2007
Diablo1099 said:
You have to admit, there was NO one who would pull off Luigi like that guy.
Personally, I know it would be a Copyright NIGHTMARE, but wouldn't it be great if we could get DLC that allowed us to get costumes based off actors like Danny Wells? Think Bad Box Art Megaman.
Things like that are going to be an increasingly touchy subject in coming years. Right now there has already been a lot of concerns over the potential rise of "Synthespians" or "Synthetic Thespians". Right now technology has gotten to the point via green screen and computer generated images that you can pretty much create an entirely fake movie that looks like it has real actors involved. Disney has used their "holograms" for decades to showcase technology a lot like this.

We're pretty much at the point know where you could take any actor who produced a reasonable body of work and recordings and put them into a movie doing whatever you wanted them to do and have it look real. Something which has apparently caused some concern with the screen actor's guild and other sources. For a while there was apparently a very real plan to use a synthespian of a young Alec Guiness to play Obi-Wan in the Star Wars prequels, but the idea was sacked early on due to not wanting to pioneer the charge especially with a movie series that was already being viewed as a developing goldmine. Especially if they wound up losing in conflicts with the estate and so on.

The point of this rambling is that as technology goes on regardless, even if it his hurdles, that yes, eventually we'll probably wind up seeing games where they sell "skins" of actors who had played well known characters, even if they clash (or perhaps because of it) with the rest of a game environment or art style. For that matter I think we'll get to the point where well known actors from the past will again be "starring" in movies, or at least their likeness will, and the company doing the video editing and such will become as big a deal, or even bigger, than a real actor. You might very well have people debating say whether so and so company's version of Marilyn Monroe is better than another one for example, not to mention potentially seeing actors who never co-existed on the stage at the same time in their prime doing scenes together based entirely on electronic reconstruction and the ability to create plausible models of how they would do things based on what is literally going to be thousands of hours of recorded audio and video.

As odd as it might sound, Danny Wells might very well wind up living forever (so to speak) because of this role, as I expect even if Nintendo collapses the Mario games will continue on as classics for centuries.

Speaking of using actors for skins, it's actually surprised me that we haven't seen anyone try and digitize actors for various games with the current technologies. On a lot of levels it failed due to both fly by night production costs and limited technology, but I've oftentimes wondered what it would look like nowadays if they just flat out ditched the mocap suits and cartoon characters and say made an old school "Mortal Kombat" where it looks like real people (using real actors) fighting it out or whatever. Not to mention the simple fact that it would be amusing to abuse current digital technology to say create a fighting game where a guy played by say a young Rick Moranis could rip out the spine of a guy played by say Hugh Jackman. :)

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May 15, 2010
Thank you Mr. Wells sir for my after school cartoon warmth and fun. Watching you and Captain Lou Albano as the two characters who defined my gaming youth on the Family Channel's lineup (god I miss that channel, and those days...) really made my childhood for a few years. You will be missed, and if there's an afterlife of some sort, you and Captain Lou will be doing the Mario together one more time... Swing your arms... :) RIP Danny Wells, you will be missed.


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Dec 7, 2009
Damn it I just got my 5 year old watching this show on Netflix. Now I am going to be sad when he is watching it... RIP man RIP

Oh I can already hear the theories spinning up....... Did Nintendo kill him to end the year of Luigi with a sense of serious loss that the year is over? Was Tails death just a prelude?

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Nov 19, 2009
TizzytheTormentor said:
EcnoTheNeato said:
In this, the year of the Luigi?!
A sad end to the year that celebrated Luigi...

I'm gonna go buy Super Luigi U and cry...

I liked that show as a child, so this is very saddening.
I swear i read somewhere that nintendo decided to change it to the decade of luigi..not sure though i will have to look it up

OT: this is sad new indeed, although i wasn't born when it aired i may have to look this up on youtube (if it's on there)

EDIT: ahh i read the title wrong it's a petition to change it to decade


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May 14, 2009
Semi-DemiFiend said:
Well we still have the princess and Toad but who's gonna stop Stoopa Troopa? Oogtar?
Ugh. Fuck Oogtar. Little piece of ratgoo...