Meet Google's New Gaming Platform: YouTube


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May 29, 2011
Raiyan 1.0 said:
Earnest Cavalli said:
Remember The Incredible Machine []?
Did you just refer to The Incredible Machine?

You're now my friend.
so....much...... nostalgia......
my schools computers had 2 and 3 and the public library had contraptions and more contraptions
my school only had 5 comps with 3 though and it was quite literly a brawl to get one of them,lord help you if you had to go to the washroom, and every time i went to the library i used to get both contraptions.

im still able to play contraptions and more contraptions due to my library still has them and makes "backup copies" in-case someone breaks a disk.hmmmmmm mebby i should make myself a backup copy too so i can play it any time


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Jun 16, 2011
redmarine said:
Woodsey said:
"is there anything Google can't do?"

Hire someone to fix Youtube's awful interface?
They fixed it.

It's lovely.
Damn they made it even worse!

Needs to go back to ~2008 or so. Get the controls out of the video frame, they don't belong there.