Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Reportedly Just Two Hours Long

Brian Tams

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Sep 3, 2012
Dagda Mor said:
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Brian Tams said:

They're out of their goddamn minds. Please don't buy this piece of shit. 40 bucks for that small of a fucking game? Fuck them. I was excited to get Phantom Pain, but if this is going to be their new business practice, then they can kiss my money goodbye.

Seriously, 15$ would've been at least somewhat decent, but 30-40 bucks is bullshit for what will essentially have less content than an indie game. Fuck. That.

And yet people will still buy this, which will lead to shameless copying by other developers.
Calm down, that price is for the Xbone and PS4, it'll cost $20 on the previous gen, though I agree the price is quite ludicrous, to say the least. And this is MGS we're talking about, it'll have far more replay value than most indie games with the same price and content (I'm looking at you, Gone Home). So yeah, $20 for this sound like a fair deal to me.

Also, this is hardly "the first one" to do it, remember Gran Turismo 5 and Dead Rising 2 demos?.
Why should he calm down? The price is fucking outrageous for the game time we get. STOP FUCKING SIDING WITH THESE SHITTY COMPANIES AND THEIR SHITTY PRACTICES FFS. there is ZERO excuse for this bullshit move.

If you support them and buy this game, then fuck you for advocating this abysmal business model.
Both you and he should calm down because there's really no reason to be so angry. Like, at all. Even if you disagree with the business model, it doesn't reflect well on you that you're reacting so violently.
Violently? I don't seen any threats or promises of physical harm in my post.

I'm just angry. Righteously so. Anger is a powerful tool for the consumer, and we shouldn't be so afraid to wield. it Now, we should responsibly wield it, as letting our anger lead us to threats is going too far.

But I never did. I'm just expressing my extreme anger at such obvious price gouging.


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Aug 20, 2008
Sigh. I own them all and am not going to stop now. I heard the gameplay is supposed to be more mission based like in Peace Walker and in Peace Walker you could plow through the story without it taking that long, but the meat and bones of the game was in the over 100 side missions. Snake fighting dragons, yeah dude.


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Sep 18, 2012
COMaestro said:
I think I'll wait and see some other reviews on Ground Zeroes before I believe this two hour report. I mean, I could spend two hours on the first stage of MGS4 if I wanted to dick around (which I have done), or I could finish it in 10-15 minutes if I just blitzed through. Also, I think GZ and PP are supposed to be mission based, so there's likely side missions in GZ that GameInformer didn't have time to play.

I haven't finished it, but Peace Walker had the main storyline missions and then a bunch of side missions. If you just did the story missions, you'd miss out on a lot of gameplay. I think the same thing is happening here. I believe GZ is going to be more like 10-15 hours of content, more if you try for a perfect run.

I'll wait until March and see, but I'm probably going to pick this up as the demos I've seen look amazing.
on neogaf their is a thread with information from gameinformer ( ) that speed runs done by the tester took only 5 mins to complete the story mode so. They are basically selling the equivalent of the Virtuous or Tanker Mission for $20 to $40. Though they did say they didn't count the time on side quests in the play through so that might make it worth the money. I for one will remain cautious and likely wait a while for it to come down in price, buy it used, or play it at a friends house.