Metroid Prime Studio "Thinks Like Nintendo"

Mr Somewhere

New member
Mar 9, 2011
I'd really like to see Retro try an original game, something stand alone. I loved that last Donkey Kong game, but honestly, when it was announced I was awful disappointed. I really think if they did something original, it would be fantastic, I've loved each of their games thus far. It's likely my love of horror, but I'd love to see them work on a survival horror (given the fantastic atmosphere in the Prime games).

Rad Party God

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Feb 23, 2010
Well, at least with Retro around, I haven't missed Rare one bit, although it would be nice to see an original IP coming from Retro, instead of making games out of stabilished franchises.

Don't get me wrong, just as Super is the best 2D Metroid ever created, Prime Trilogy is the best 3D Metroid ever created (and yes, I count it as a single game) and also Donkey Kong Returns wasn't bad at all.

At least, I'd like to see a 2D Metroid from Retro on the Wii, or better yet, on the 3DS.