Microsoft Almost Called The Xbox 360 "Xbox 3"


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Apr 14, 2011
K12 said:
... you could have just not used a number guys. XBox Neo, ZBox, MBox, XBox Prime, XBox Alpha, XBox Elite, OmegaBox/ ΩBox, XLBox, XXBox, XtraBox, neXtBox, XBox Revelations, XBox: Enemy Unknown, XBox with a vengeance, XBox: Wrath of Khan... or you know just a totally different unrelated name.
The name comes from the very early days of development when it was known as the DirectXBox because it would run their API.


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May 28, 2011
So apperently we should make a kickstarted to get microsoft employees to primary school so they could learn how to count.

1st Xbox - Xbox (thats fine)
2nd Xbox - Xbox 3
3rd Xbox - Xbox 1

Steve the Pocket said:
Then people might have thought it can only handle 720p. Which is only true most of the time.
The vast majority of Xbox 360 games are 480p-544p range. The 720p game is an exception. This is because the memory buffer used in Xbox 360 was small and could only hold 2 480p frames in it, so if the game wanted to do any post-processing effects at all it had to be bellow 720p. Worth noting - it did have a few very simplistic games run at 1080p!