Microsoft "Fixed" Xbox One Controller at Behest of Titanfall Devs


Mugwamp Supreme
Nov 26, 2008
SinisterGehe said:
Can we stop calling it exclusive, it is coming to 3 platforms...
The correct term would be a Microsoft console exclusive.
Also - it will most likely fail now, too much is at stake.
It will most likely fail because too much is at stake? I could agree that it is too hyped so that it is likely to underperform unless it meets most of the promises but as I can tell, the only major thing people aren't aware of is that the environment graphics look last gen. But something failing because too much is riding on it isn't a valid claim at all.

Also... Converter that turn 720p to 1080p? So we going to use the old scale method of pixel duping? I am betting on it looking horrible.
Horrible? No. Not as good as natural 1080p? Yeah. But this is Microsoft's fault, not Titanfall's. If you have an XBO that's simply what you're going to have to deal with on any processing intensive game. If you have an XBO, there is literally no reason not to get this game. You're only going to see racing games on 1080p 60fps unless they work some kind of magic. I do wonder what the prospect of releasing a slightly more powerful console would do if they mandated that it could only be used to change the output aspects.