Microsoft Flight Lifts Off

Andy Chalk

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Nov 12, 2002
Microsoft Flight Lifts Off

The free-to-play Microsoft Flight is now open to the public.

Microsoft Flight, the free-to-play rebirth of the storied Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise, is finally live and ready to take to the skies for the first time in half a decade. The base game allows players to fly around the Big Island of Hawaii with customizable flight controls designed to accommodate all levels of piloting skills, with co-op gameplay, achievements and other features are supported through Games for Windows Live.

Unlike previous iterations of Flight Simulator, which were designed to provide the most realistic piloting experience possible, the new Flight is meant to be widely accessible, evidenced by the fact that you can fly with a mouse. "I think a lot of people look up into the sky and say planes could be cool - flying could be cool," Executive Producer Joshua Howard told MCV []. "But then they immediately say, well that's too hard for me. And we thought we could use software to deliver an experience that says no, actually. It's a different approach than what has really been taken with Flight, it's exciting, that's what was cool about it for us."

The free-to-play model is also meant to appeal to a more casual audience, although dedicated fans will be able to pony up for extra content. The Hawaiian Adventure Pack, which includes the rest of the Hawaiian islands, additional missions and challenges and a new plane, sells for 1600 Microsoft points [$19.99], a "basic" P-51 goes for 640 Microsoft points [$7.99] and the "advanced" MAW is 1200 Microsoft points [$14.99].

Flight Simulator is one of the oldest videogame franchises in existence and despite the changing videogame market, Howard thinks it will be around for a long time to come. "Grandparents and grandchildren will sit together and play these, and grow up with them over time. It's part of what appeals to me about it," he said. "I believe in this particular incarnation of Flight as a very strong product. But to me it's not just about this version of Flight, it's about how this version of Flight allows us to engage with users in whole new ways. And how that will inevitably lead to the next version or the next outgrowth of the franchise."

The new Microsoft Flight is available now at [].



New member
Sep 16, 2009
The Graphics managed to simultaneously amazing and atrocious.

Aside from that, worth a play, 'specially as it is free.


Regular Member
Aug 25, 2010
Could be good. I have been needing an excuse to break out my Saitek x52 again.


New member
Jan 7, 2011
You had me at Big Island, Microsoft! I'll excitedly download this tonight. I hope the terrain is uber-accurate. I'm going to Hawaii in the fall and would love to plan my trip via gaming. Then I could have an answer to my wife telling me to stop goofing off.

"No, sweetie pie, I'm planning our Hawaii trip!"


The Noble
Jan 6, 2010
Yeah, I was thinking this was more like Flight Simulator, this is not. It is more of a game, however it works surprising well with an Xbox 360 controller. I'm looking forward to playing more missions.

Still a couple bugs with the LIVE system. I had to open Xbox LIVE website and login, then login in to Games for Windows, press the buy button(Free) for Microsoft Flight, then copy the game key to the game.


New member
Feb 3, 2009
given that it's free to play, I'd love to give it a shot. Sadly my laptop couldn't handle it.

I used to love flying round in games like GTA SA, doing loops and flying upside down. I imagine this would be like that, but better and more realistic.


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Mar 23, 2009
eh... I gave it a shot, couldn't get into it. the free to play section seems to have only a couple kinda wimpy prop planes. What's the point of a flight simulator if I can't buzz the treetops at mach 1.5 in a jet fighter? <.<
And while that would be ideal, I'd settle for at least some selection of craft. Seriously, how do you make a flight simulator with only 4 planes? gotta say, it makes the game feel kinda like it's missing something. And while it seems to have an XP system, it seems to miss the point of leveling up: getting more stuff... without that, it's just some meaningless numbers.


New member
Nov 27, 2010
The graphics looked similar to flying around in GTA:SA...whats the go with that? Was there a texture pack missing?