Microsoft Shows Off Xbox One "Snap" Feature


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May 28, 2011
Arnoxthe1 said:
1. inorite? It's the least they can do with the crap they're trying to sell.

2. Broken? Still confused. The DRM was never "broken". But it does need to removed. That does not make it broken.

3. How could they have corrected it without an internet patch? By the time they made their decision, it was too late. Production had already started. And we're not talking about common sense. Neither are we talking about anything broken. We're talking about a feature no one really wanted that Microsoft decided to reverse. There's a difference.

4. Dudebro gaming... So a game is automatically bad if dudebros like it? Let me tell you how Halo 3 is still outclassing KZ:SF. Halo 3 had Forge and Theater. Does KZ have any of that? No. I mean, not even having a Theater mode in this day is really an abnormality now. Halo 3 pioneered these features for consoles and you say that game is worthless.
To be fair though, as I said in a previous thread, KZ is catching up and I'm actually impressed with it.
1. Inorite? i think theres a typo. i checked dictionary (google translate) and it seem to trasnalte to... maggots.

2. DRM is broken if it inconvieniences legal costumer. Its purpose is to disable the illegal user. it clearly failed to meet its purpose.

3. They could have, you know, change the OS their launching with, or, attach a 0,5 dollar (cause thats the costs of manufacturing dvds en mass) dvd with a patch. or how about doing the good old putting the path together with the game so when you want to play a game you got the patch ready? Or how about doing what Sony did and allow a pre-download of a patch so you can install it with USB stick? there are plenty of solutions microsoft decided they cant be bothered with.

4. dudebro was a joke more than anything. Halo has historical significance but thats kinda where it ends.

Evonisia said:
SKBPinkie said:
As a new user on these forums, I'm really not sure how much longer I can stand how insanely cynical this place is. Mind you, I'm not against criticism, but combine the attitude, the snark, and the damn master race bullshit, you just end up with a miserable place with no meaningful discussion.
I'd imagine once the Xbox One and PS4 have both sorted out their inevitable issues and bricking the PC Master Race posts will die down, even if just a little.
Back when i joiend i was actually amazed how everyone was a console gamer and PC gamers were looked down on here. Seems that when the new consoles are.... not as expected.... PC is the one on top. i too expect it to go back down afterwards too, but doubtful to same levels.