Milla Jovovich Vs. Resident Evil

Steven Bogos

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Jan 17, 2013
Milla Jovovich Vs. Resident Evil

A look at how the Resident Evil films compared to the game series.

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Jan 19, 2011
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I really enjoy the Resident Evil movies mainly because it just takes the premise from the games and runs with it.

I would be bored if the movies just lifted the stories, characters, scenes, and whatnot point for point in order to make the video games into the movies we have now.

The movies certainly don't take themselves seriously, and I like Millia Jovovich in them as Alice. I think the movies do better having no real solid connection to the games, but I can see where that is a problem with a lot of people. They certainly are not for everyone, but I enjoy them for what they are.
Sep 24, 2008
The thing about Resident Evil is that it's an idea that you can put characters in. I love Leon, but honestly one of the reasons why we all do is that he was a hapless schlub placed in a really, really bad situation clinging to his 'authority' that was superseded by undead cannibals.

And that works. That's why playing Claire A and Leon B is the best way to go. Because no one listens to Leon. And why should they? Government has just been eaten. It's every man, woman, and child for themselves. You don't know the situation any better than I, so your uniform doesn't give you any more power than my two fists.

It's about survival, not who you were.

And that's why super powered flipping Alice just made the whole thing forgettable. That's why I cringed to Wesker's son in 6. You are supposed to be an average person surviving something no one could. Literally everyone who tried around you, including trained professionals, were killed.

"Lol, I gotz psychic powers now" just begs for another license instead of a series whose (at the time) basis was that you'll never have enough to be an over powered Zombie slaying machine. Instead of that tenet, we got... well... an over powered zombie slaying machine.


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Oct 8, 2014
One of the biggest guilty pleasures of all time. There is a reason the movies are on the guys channels all the time.

Johnny Novgorod

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Feb 9, 2012
I think the movies are just as dumb as the games, but the games at least have the benefit of being playable.


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Sep 10, 2009
I really like these movies. They are silly zombie action romps. And I dunno which RE games you've been playing, but that sounds like a good description of *them* to me.

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Nov 25, 2007
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The entire Resident Evil movie series was Paul W.S. Anderson smirking and saying "See this hot chick? Ain't she awesome? Yeah, I bang her every night. I welcome your hate, gamer nerds."

Also, let's not forget that the third movie wanted us to believe that a virus caused the world's water supply to evaporate. (And of course, one of the closing scenes takes place in a rainstorm. So, y'know, whatevs.)

Sniper Team 4

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Apr 28, 2010
The only one of these movies I don't like is the third one. Too many people die--as in, ALL OF THEM. Okay, not all of them, but by the end there it was like, "Jeez...can we get a break?"

My friends and I go see each one of these movies in theaters when they come out. We know exactly what we're getting, and we laugh at them but enjoy them too. They are good popcorn flicks, and I like seeing some of the scenes from the games reenacted. That knife fight with Ada was pretty sweet.
But I'm also glad that they're ending. Everything needs to end, and the movies have kind of hit the point where it's getting to be too much. Here's hoping the final movie is exactly what the end of the last one made it look like: All out war against the T-virus, with a lot of Resident Evil bad asses and hundreds of expendable soldiers backing them up.

I mean, come on, who did get at least a little excited when it pulled out showing that swarm and the ospreys getting ripped out of the sky while guys on turrets desperately fire at anything that moves?


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Aug 12, 2009
What irritates me the most about these movies is that the first one was actually pretty good for your standard action flick and didn't try to shove a ton of shit on the screen all at once like the sequels. It used the same concept as RE1, but used none of the original cast members, with only a few nods to the game (other than monsters, of course). Then, they started to try and blend shit, so sure, it's less boring in that we're not getting a shot-for-shot remake of something we're already familiar with.

But... is what they do really better? Since Resident Evil Apocalypse, the movies have literally been ripping scenes and characters straight from the games and shoe-horning them into the story as if to say "Hey, kids! It's Leon S. Kennedy! Remember how much you love him? Welp, here's a movie about a Mary Sue. But Leon's in it, promise." Why even have them there? Who's that for? Fans? Wouldn't most of them just be annoyed by the misappropriation?

Sure, it's not a complete recreation of the games, but the result is actually worse than if they had. They tried to blend their original take on the Resident Evil concept and established characters and situations from the games, but with their protagonist at the helm, and the end result is characters from the games being devalued into nothing more than supporting cast members that the film writers couldn't be bothered to come up with new names and costume concepts for. The cast of the Resident Evil series is appropriated into these movies about as well as Nintendo characters were appropriated into Captain N. Hell, sometimes I completely forgot that Jill was even in Resident Evil Apocalypse until she would show up again and I would ponder why the hell she wasn't doing anything.


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Sep 6, 2009
The only part I remember from the first movie is that laser hallway, I thought that was cool. But the second movie was actually the best, which isn't saying much. I never liked how they deviated from the source material.

Neurotic Void Melody

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Jul 15, 2013
Considering Milla has been married to the director and her character is pretty much ninja Mary-Sue with psychic-fuck-you powers...i cannot get the niggling feeling that her casting is not an artisic choice, out of my head. It is rather off-putting to consider when all you want to do is believe this isn't somebody's wank material, instead just a movie. Knowledge can certainly be a burden.
The first movie was the best, it felt grounded in some sense of believable reality.


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Jul 29, 2010
Second movie was the best (despite the Nemesis hand-to-hand battle), then the first, and the rest were pretty awful. I had more hope for Jill Valentine holding the story up with braveness, and not being an ultimate invincible bad ass, but the whole thing is just too...immature, I guess is the word, to take anything seriously.

I can see why Romero wouldn't have made a good director for this movie, but for different reasons than I think were perceived at the time. In Romero's zombie flicks, the actual antagonists aren't the zombies, but humans themselves. It focuses on and gets its drama from people's instinct to survive no matter what, rather than the pending doom outside.

Resident Evil is much less abstract, instead just evil mastermind schemes and large scale bio-warfare, devised by evil mega corporations, with a handful of survivors/noble intended people thrown in the mix. So his writing wouldn't quite fit the bill.
Oct 15, 2015
I fucking love all the resident evil movies. They take the insanity of code veronica and 5, mix them together, and come out as an overall good zombie action flick which doesn't try to have some underlying message. Much less the underlying message of all of Romero's message of "HUMANS ARE THE REAL EVIL."


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Jan 15, 2009
to me its more like gabbing few things from the games and 90% of it, is its own made up stuff by adding a character that never appeared in the games and plenty of action. it does have its creative scenes like the laser hallway in part 1. now this was really well made and thrilling too. part 2, well as much nemesis was cool and its a real person in a suit instead of creating a CG monster, it was just flat. like a failed attempt to part 3 of jill escaping the city.
the rest are forgettable with just added characters from the games that dont even behave like them. the last one had some funny scenes like the little girl saying: i have met your sister. she isnt very nice.
also the beginning was very creative by reversing it with a cool music piece. now thats something you dont see in every movie.

as action movies them self, i guess it does well, but to the source material, it fails. the only good thing about them are: milla is hot.


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Sep 10, 2008
i only ever played resident evil operation racoon city so i never cared if the films had anything to do with the games or not and to be fair i find the first 2 to be acceptable action movies especially Alice's red dress but but take that as you may since i only drink from porcelain

Travis Fischer

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Feb 1, 2012
The plot of the first Resident Evil game is essentially the plot of Aliens.

Elite team of badasses are sent in to investigate a mystery and end up being used as canonfodder so the bad guy can recover a bio weapon (but is killed by said bioweapon).

Anderson was giftwraped the plot of one of the greatest action movies ever made and using it would have generated a ton of good will.

But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, evil computers, laser hallways, and a plot so thin you can see through it was sooooo much better.