Minecraft Review

Matt King

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Mar 15, 2010
Chairman Miaow said:
"if you're able to lose yourself in finding your own fun, there isn't a better game than Minecraft." except Terraria.
yeah except for you can't really build awesome buildings in terraria, not on the scale of minecraft, i just don't find them as satisfying

Soviet Heavy

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Jan 22, 2010
Oh hey look, The Cool Kid is still here. I guess he hasn't found his internet utopia yet, so he's still trying to force it on us.

Whatever. I liked the review, and I like Minecraft.


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Aug 13, 2009
Shjade said:
The Cool Kid said:
I read it. I also pointed out it's irrelevant to the topic. Here, I'll give you the full excerpt of Jimbo's statement that prompted my response, since I guess you're not reading his posts.
Jimbo1212 said:
Actually all decent gamers know FarmVille is a joke and can't last. This is proven by Zynga about to go bust. I can make claims for most games based solely on sales and common sense. Lets look at the biggest selling games. They are all fast paced, have a storyline, characters, ok to good graphics, and a good multiplayer. MC has none of that.
Notice how Jimbo is looking at the sales first, then the content second? Therefore, given that is the form he apparently wanted to use to judge what constitutes a quality game, I responded in kind: by looking at sales first. Minecraft has sold well, therefore it defies Jimbo's standards of quality by lacking all the qualities he claims games that sell well share. I'm not saying I'd judge game quality that way, I was responding to a silly premise by following the rules given by that premise. If you have an objection to judging a product's worth by looking at sales over content, take it up with Jimbo - it was his claim, not mine.
My point about sales is not one of just "Who's got the bigger number", but why. Most of the best selling games recently have similar themes/concepts/play style etc.
MC, however, could not be further away thus why do people buy and play it? It seems almost a contradiction to most games to buy a AAA title and MC at the same time, therefore the only reason that people would buy it is because they are either from a different market, or are playing it for different reasons (and I'm not talking about "I'm in an rpg mood today, not an fps mood").