Mini-Teaser Debuts First Footage of Jurassic World

Something Amyss

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Dec 3, 2008
MarsAtlas said:
Here's how it could be worse than that:
Shadows of the Saurassus?

Kind of hoping it doesn't turn into an anti-GMO diatribe going on about how you shouldn't "play god" or whatever by investing in practical sciences, especially since the takeaway from Jurassic Park: Lost World was about humanity's responsibility to be careful of our impact on the environment and to behave ethically with respect to wildlife.
Aren't all the Jurassic Park movies basically some flavour of "technology bad, science dumb (except our protagonists)?"

The Artificially Prolonged said:
All I'm saying is if I was in charge genetically modifying raptors I'd probably start with nerfing their ability to work out doorknobs and do something about the teeth and claws.
I'd be more worried about their ability to talk and construct things:



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Jul 10, 2013
Wow... Just on that teaser, alone, you can tell that they spared no expense to the innovations of the park itself...

What? Someone had to say it... Besides, who's NOT going to watch this movie out of sheer curiosity? I mean, it can't be as bad as JP3... *shutters*


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Jul 17, 2013
TakerFoxx said:
I'll admit: the first one is probably my favorite movie of all time. But I hate the sequels. The Lost World was bad, and JP 3 was bland. So, never been at all interested in Jurassic World.



I have to admit, the inner fanboy in me really wants to see what a functioning park would look like. And apparently they're bringing back Henry Wu, who was an important character in the book but only got one scene in the movie. And, you know, Chris Pratt. So it's now at least got my curiosity.

That "improved dinosaurs" thing is still setting off alarm bells though. And I don't really care for that spinning ball thing.
Dude one of the original scripts for this movie purportedly had mutant dinosaurs that were commissioned by the government to be assassins. Seriously. Assassin dinosaurs was one of the plots that hung around this movie. I'd take "improved dinosaurs" over whatever the hell that was going to be.

Symbio Joe

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Dec 7, 2010
So after seeing tho hole thing I have more hopes for a "Dawn of the Planet of the Dinosaurs" which would be hilarious.
That aside we will probably get one intelligent dinosaur terrorising and killing, then finally stoppted and omg she was preagnant all along, time for: Jurrasic World II. I actually start to feel the downside of MovieBob's job :(.