Minor, insignificant thing that ruined a game for you.

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Aug 9, 2011
I know this is something I could've changed *somehow*, but the lack of my computer's capability to play TERA on anything better than low-medium settings. The game looked ok for everything 3 feet in front of me, but once I looked out ahead of me, it looked like the whole game lost its shading, colour, detail and everything else, making the distant landscapes look like massive low quality messes of trees and shit.

Granted, this could have been changed on my part, but I was running 10-15 FPS on my laptop (the only comp I have, still waiting for cash to afford a dedicated desktop) with these crappy settings, so I kinda just couldn't do it. I also didn't give half a fuck about the story either, so the only saving graces were an ok combat system and the promise of jiggling tits. And even those didn't save it in the end. Woo X3


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Nov 20, 2009
The very first "jump scare" of the latest Silent Hill game. Where the crows flap out of a cave 5 seconds after you start playing. Y'know, the scene that adds no tension whatsoever and scares nobody at all and was a complete waste of time to code or animate.

My friend told me this was going to be an amazing horror game. I told him that a completely useless scene or moment with zero value added to the story or game experience in the first few seconds of the game does not make me confident in the competency of whomever was directing the games pacing and story.

I didn't actually judge the game based solely on that moment as I had my friend's testimony to go on, but it did kinda kill my interest in playing it. I wanted to decide on my next title to buy and something else sounded more interesting.

VoidWanderer said:
But as i noticed her climb over cliffs, I noticed that she didn't climb up in the same canned animation which was cool, until I noticed how the sun seemed to highlight her ass as she did so. And then during the unnecessarily high-angle cutscenes that showed cleavage shots...

I sighed heavily as I felt that we went for a more stealthy 'She is hot!!!' angle of the game, rather than a young woman thrown in to extraordinary situations and overcoming them. I returned the game, the gameplay was great, but I wish she put on a proper top. With all the bullets, cliff faces and physical activity she went through I am surprised that the top seems to survive until the end of the game. I returned the game after the pilot crashes to the ground because I kept noticing the high-angel cutscenes and was sick of the 'highlighting'.
You're noticing something that wasn't actually there. Probably because you wanted it to be there so you could affirm your preconceived notions and feel good about yourself.

Did you stop to think for a moment that casting a short, thin mocap actor, without lowering the camera angle, to create a sense of fragility and weakness, would be an important step in emphasizing that she's a young woman overcoming impossible odds? She's a good 6 inches shorter than Roth, if they lowered the camera angle any further down he'd look like a towering behemoth whenever he was in a scene with her. The camera angle wasn't unnecessary at all and you'd know that if you knew what camera angles were for.

Her lack of proper dress emphasizes her weakness, innocence and fragility. If she was decked out in proper gear she'd look competent and therefore the entire story about her growing into a bad-ass through trials and difficulties would be ruined. Her clothes are perfectly fine for a pleasure cruise along a sunny day, which is what the naive Croft at the beginning of the game was expecting. Newsflash: good looking girls dress in tank-tops in the middle of summer, why that should make you feel uncomfortable is beyond me.


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Apr 20, 2013
Titan Quest, one of the best dungeon crawlers I have played. However, these days it just drives me bonkers to try and play it for any meaningful period of time because it has terrible sound effects.

Melee attacks produce virtually no feedback. You get very minor audio and visual cues, and swinging at any enemy more or less feels like swinging at air until their dead body suddenly ragdolls and gets flung away hilariously. It takes away a lot of satisfaction from fighting hoards of monsters and really just kinda makes the whole experience just kinda lacking engagement. Many early abilities suffer a similar problem in that their have terribly unexciting visual effects, and the same lack of feedback like melee attacks. So you throw out piddly little fireballs or whatever that are almost indistinguishable from the background, and strike enemies with all the force of a squirt gun.

This really wasn't a problem I even noticed until newer dungeon crawlers like Torchlight 2 and Diablo III came about and made me realize the stark difference. Now I just can't not think about it whenever I try to play Titan's Quest.

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Feb 3, 2013
Squilookle said:
That sword on the cover of Final Fantasy VII.

I don't care if you're magical, have arms of iron or some 'gift' or whatever- anyone that has a main weapon modelled after a freaking pizza peel is just stupid. I'd be more willing to play as a main character that uses a pointed stick than that useless piece of crap.
The Eu one has a better cover IMO not sure what the Japanese cover was. Also I believe the sword Cloud and Sephiroth use are modeled after (or are) Zanbato swords which are fictional swords anyway (because they are too heavy and unwieldy to use in RL) I believe but are themselves modeled after real chinese swords used in cavalry at least as far as my limited knowledge tells me anyway.

Injustice annoys me with its bad animation and character models as well as its pitiful sound quality I still enjoy it though. Street Fighter annoys me with its atrocious art direction and terrible openings and endings for each character.

These didnt ruin the game for me though thats why they are insignificant they just bug the hell out of me.

Also I dont know why but I cannot stand seeing the EA logo on a game screen it just makes me feel sick hence why I very rarely play EA games of any sort I just cant take it. So I suppose that counts a logo is technically pretty insignificant but in this case it goes a long way to ruining my game experience.


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Apr 17, 2013
Eclipse Dragon said:
The first boss in the first Devil May Cry game, the giant spider.
I wouldn't actually have a problem with it if I could see it, but the camera loves Dante so much that it focuses only on him. The giant spider is looming somewhere off screen and my only clue that it's attacking is a brief flash of light before Dante loses a chunk of his health. I like Dante as much as the camera, but I realize the boss needs to take priority here...
I could not agree with you more.
That first boss was annoying as hell. It wasn't always like that though and I hope you didn't stop playing because of it.


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Feb 25, 2010
This will sound retarded, but the crouched move animation in "Alpha Protocol". The game is fine and all, but everytime he crouches and moves around, he looks like he's trying to shake his shoes off his feet.
Sep 3, 2011
QTEs in the new tomb raider Hey you beat that boss? Well better have a QTE to make sure he can't slap you away have fun seeing that 50 fucking times till you give up


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Jan 7, 2013
Casual Shinji said:
It didn't ruin the game for me at all, but all the holographic interface stuff in the Mass Effect trilogy always bugged me. Seeing Joker wave his hands across a bunch of orange nothing didn't make me feel like he was actually piloting anything. Same with the things on their arms that dispense medigel and record information and stuff.

I know this makes it way easier for the developer to display an interface in the game, but it just can't beat the physicality of characters handling buttons, switches, and levers.
If it makes you feel any better, one of the codex entries details how people that spend a lot of time using those interfaces get implants in their fingertips that buzz when they tough the holographic 'buttons' as a way of generating feedback. People that don't get the implants use gloves that do the same thing. So there is a tangible sense of touch going on with them.

But yeah, they're still one of those things that I pass off as limited by the engine's graphics. For one thing, could you imagine if every display you worked with was shaded such a glaring orange?

And I don't wish to get too far into the discussion that followed, but Joker's job is less modern day pilot, and more helmsman of the style seen in Star Trek. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the people complaining about the Enterprise being steered by a big touchscreen are few and far between. (Incidentally, who even was helmsman of the Enterprise in TNG? Geordi had the job in the first series, and occasionally Wesley got to play with it, but who was the most consistent guy?)

Iwata said:
This will sound retarded, but the crouched move animation in "Alpha Protocol". The game is fine and all, but everytime he crouches and moves around, he looks like he's trying to shake his shoes off his feet.
Funny, but I actually agree completely with this. There are lot of things just a little bit 'off' with AP that really stopped me getting into the first playthrough. I'm so glad I gave it another go, because it is a great game. But so many animations were really sucky. The way Thorton turned and pivoted, his run and most definitely that crouch all really grated on me. As did the relative lack of facial expressions compared with, say Mass Effect, or even Source games. At times they were almost as binary as Oblivion's smile/frown system.

As for my own contributin? The way the guns handled in Battlefield 2 and spin offs. I don't know whether I was just used to COD, but the BF2 guns felt somehow inferior. I don't know, the 'kick' wasn't right. It kinda felt like playing with airsoft guns or something.
Dec 15, 2009
The camera controls in Beyond Good and Evil HD. All I wanted to do was invert the Y axis, is that to much to ask? Who in their right mind inverts the X axis anyways? Gaaa! That, unfortunately, ruined that otherwise wonderful game for me.