Mobile Minecraft Coming to Xperia Play First


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Oct 24, 2010
Kyogissun said:
iblis666 said:
CM156 said:
Wow. Minecraft is in everything now a days. I wouldn't be shocked to see Minecraft TV.

But what I would like is it for the Xbox. And not that knock-off, whatever it is called.
hell i would totally buy it if it got on the xbox but until then the knock off will have to do
You mean the knock off that makes the console churn like a ************, has no visual charm and looks to make a profit off of charging for 'episodes' rather than providing a one time flat rate and future updates for any user?

Anywho, Mojang you mind getting to work on an app for the WP7 OS perchance? I'd like to play the game on my samsung focus. :D
HEY! that's the same phone I have :D
I really, really hope that it comes out for WP7... after all, doesn't one of the people on the dev team have a wp7? (idk if it's true, just something I think I saw on twitter)

But yeah, I'm glad that this is coming for Xbox, even if I don't have one, just because I want everyone to be able to enjoy it :) (I swear, no PC elitism from this user!)