Modder Proves That SimCity Works Offline


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Feb 25, 2008
Jamous said:
Really? That simple? I didn't watch because I didn't get the game but REALLY?! That's... that's something else that is. Slow clap it out for EA guys, slow clap it out.
In the game code there are these two command lines.

kNoRepeatNetworkAlertSeconds : 15,

kNetDownForceQuitAfterMinutes : 20,

Delete these two lines and that's it, offline mode on, server call back disabled. As 'hacks' go it's beyond simple, it's even simpler than Steam's offline 'hack' which Valve used to have as a sticky on their official forums. It also makes a complete mockery of how EA claims Simcity works, a lot like Battlelog in fact, regardless of what they say, everything is stored and run from the client (ie your computer).