More Ghostbusters Details Revealed: UPDATE

Feb 13, 2008
More Ghostbusters Details Revealed: UPDATE

Despite Activision Blizzard dropping the license, Terminal Reality [] has been hard at work getting the Ghostbusters in shape for their release.

Given the extra time to work on the original prototype by Vivendi, Terminal Reality started off by polishing a real shine into the game. What people always enjoyed about the Ghostbusters were the simple things like a giant marshmallow sailor throwing cars at you - which appears in the Times Square level, naturally. There wasn't a need to place arbitrary limits on what the characters could or couldn't do. You'll still be running around with a unlicensed nuclear accelerator on your back, there's no real need to add on more woes, so the limitations were removed.

While the game has the original four (Venkman, Egon, Stanz and Zeddmore), Rick Moranis [] won't be reprising Louis Tully. Unfortunately, Sigourney Weaver (Dana) won't be coming back either. Instead you'll just have to deal with Alyssa Milano [] as the love interest.

Atari has reportedly also had 70 different people testing the game, finding out what controls and layouts work and how the actual player felt like when they were moving the character around.

For the main part, it's going to be a third person shooter, "Gears of War Lite" as Atari senior producer Garrett Moehring puts it. Without things like cover, because - well - how could you take cover from a ghost?

One of the things we've seen thus far is the way you trap ghosts (wrangling). The original method had you juggling between two buttons but the new version saps the ghost until its "unhealth" reaches zero and then it's automatically "wrangled". The reason given for the change is that there was often so much going on that it would make it frustrating to have to juggle key combos as well as trap your ghost.

You also have "infinite" traps, as the original idea of having just three meant that you'd have to pick and choose when, where and which ghosts to capture, and this was never meant to be about logistics, but rather pure fun.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game will be coming out for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with Red Fly Studio handling the PS2 and Wii versions.

So, on June 16th, who ya gonna call?

Source: Multiplayer []

Correction: Seems that I've been slimed - Atari contacted us and have said that Rick Moranis won't be appearing. Damn shame.



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Dec 3, 2007
I'm still trying to figure out how this game actually plays, and how the levels will be laid out.

Need s'more gameplay footage.


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Jan 28, 2009
I love games (and movies for that matter) that don't take themselves too seriously. So this looks like a home run in my books.
Nov 28, 2007
Indigo_Dingo said:
thebobmaster said:
Rick Moranis is on! *calms* Sorry. Still, more original cast members is a good thing.
He's an exception.
Still, at least there will be more of the original actors than just The Ghostbusters themselves. Not necessary, maybe, but it's still a nice bonus.


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Dec 19, 2007
The_root_of_all_evil said:
Instead you'll just have to deal with Alyssa Milano [] as the love interest.
*Sigh* I suppose I could settle for Alyssa Milano.

bjj hero

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Feb 4, 2009
I love how its rated teen for "comic mischief"

I really want to love this game but it could be a real car wreck.