New Build: Not seeing UEFI option


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Apr 6, 2020
Buddy is building a PC: it was put together by Microcenter with no OS on it. The CPU does not have integrated graphics so he has an RX 570 in there. I'm betting he still, initially, should be using the motherboard to get to the UEFI. Set it to boot from USB, move HDMI to the graphics card, reboot and install Windows 10 and download the AMD drives ASAP. Or start off the bat on the card?
He tells me he sees nothing when booting up so I'm betting where ever he has the monitor plugged into it is the wrong one. We'll see.

Have you installed an OS on a build with a CPU that does not support integrated graphics? Does this sound like the correct order ?


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Apr 4, 2020
Whatever, just wash your hands.
As long as the card and monitor are working using a graphics card will work fine. You don't need an integrated card or drivers for it to work, only for it to work well. There are generic graphics drivers that will run things, just don't expect to be able to game well with them. Once you get things up and running I would start by installing the chipset, ethernet and mother board drivers then worry about the graphics drivers. If hes not seeing anything then I would try different cables and make sure the monitor is set to the appropriate plug since occasionally monitors will be jerks about automatically selecting the right connector.
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