Niantic Has Removed All Legendary Pokemon from Pokemon GO Accounts for "Fairness"


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May 28, 2011
LifeCharacter said:
Strazdas said:
Sure it is. Government has land (the game) in which it allows people to look for gems (players look for pokemons) but since a person found a gem it does not like (legendary pokemon) they are not taking it away.
And the reason they don't like that particular gem is because it happened to be dropped on the ground by a government employee.

You keep acting like legendary Pokemon just spontaneously come into existence or are the result of some natural, geological process. As much as my ten year old self wishes that this was the case for literally any Pokemon (well, most of them anyway), that's not how the world works.
They came into existence exactly same way all other pokemons in the game came into existence. if you claim Niantic has special rights to these then they have same rights to every pokemon.