Nintendo Direct 13th September 3pm PT: It's Happening Take Two Edition!


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Mar 4, 2014

So, right now, it's far less likely than ever that the trademark means new games. Apparently trademarks need renewing every ten years in Japan. With the exception of Golden Sun, all of the above games were released in 98. Golden Sun is apparently due to be re-trademarked in 2019 (odd, since it released in 2001, though maybe the trademark was applied before release). Despite the hopes of some on Twitter, this indicates to me that it's just being re-trademarked ahead of time.

Darn. :(

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Aug 25, 2013
I don't know, send help!
Yoshi178 said:
Hawki said:

So, if anyone's interested, Nintendo trademarked a number of their IPs, including Wrecking Crew, Mario Super Sluggers, Rhythm Heaven, and Golden Sun. All of these are pre-existing games/IPs.

So, on one hand, it's arguably conspicuous that this was a month before the direct, but on the other, it doesn't necessarily mean anything - could just be renewals of the IP or however copyright works. Can't say I'm over the moon for any of this bar Golden Sun (and I'm not going to get excited just because of legalese), but, well, now you know. And that's half the battle.
with just how much awesome 1st Party support Nintendo has given the Switch in only a year and a half already, there isn't much more they could announce that hasn't already been announced unless they revive a dead franchise like Waverace or F-Zero.

we've already had
3D Mario, Zelda, Xenoblade, Splatoon, Kirby, Mario Tennis, ARMS.
we're about to get Mario Party, Pokemon and Smash Bros
and next year we've got Yoshi, Metroid another Pokemon (a traditional one this time), Fire Emblem, Luigi's Mansion and Animal Crossing all coming.

and that's not even touching on the awesome amount of 3rd Party exclusive's and multiplatform games that the Switch has been getting.

The Nintendo Switch feels like it has an audience the size of what Wii crowds were like, but has the same level quality that the Gamecube had at the same time. the Switch is quite possibly going to go down as my favorite Nintendo console of all time. the start it's had on the market has been that good!
There is still Starfox, Pikmin, Kid Icarus, and Punch Out that they could release something for.