Nintendo E3 a little underwhelming


New member
Nov 23, 2009
Yes it was. The point of Nintendo Direct, especially on E3, is to get you to want to buy their games and to get you to want to buy their systems. For me, Nintendo succeeded on the first goal, but failed on the second one. See, I own a Wii. In fact, that's the only console from the current generation (or last, I'm not sure how to classify it since the Wii U is already out but the PS4 and XBOne aren't) that I own, and there were few games I saw that was different enough from what I already have on my Wii to make me want to get a Wii U, even though many of them will probably turn out to be good, if not great.

Maybe when the next Nintendo console comes around I'll miss their games badly enough to buy their console, but right now, I don't want to get the same gaming experiences two generations in a row; I'm looking for something that's new to me. That's why I'm choosing PS4, because they showed enough games that I want which, even if they're similar to what's on the PS3, are still very different from what I have on my Wii and PS2, and there's a lot of potential for interesting games on the console, especially with the big push they're giving indie developers.