Now...A Subjective Version of the "Greatest Game Ever" Thread

Jun 21, 2013
As quite a few have noticed, the notion of building an entire thread around a specific game being the "greatest ever" has become somewhat popular recently. Fallout: New Vegas is my personal favourite game of all time, and I could talk about its many depths and elements of greatness for hours and hours if I were in the right mood. In the OP's defense, that thread was clearly posted out of good fun and intent, but did not fare well due to its objective take on a subjective matter. Though I personally feel people took it too seriously (and nowhere near enough love was shown for the game...) I understand where they are coming from.

Which is why I present this thread, intended for healthy, in-depth discussions of your all-time favourite game(s), where you justify your opinion by explaining all of the traits of your chosen game that contribute to it simply providing the strongest impact on you.

I know this may seem like just another "what's your favourite game?" thread, but the point of this is to go deeper and provide more clarification than a simple "I love this game" or "This game is awesome". I also hope for users to be able to find others who share their opinion, and discuss their favourite parts of their favourite games together even more. I'll get around to making a wall of text about New Vegas some time when I'm not lazy.