NPD Group to Continue Providing Sales Data

Andy Chalk

One Flag, One Fleet, One Cat
Nov 12, 2002
NPD Group to Continue Providing Sales Data

Following a confirmation of reports that it would no longer release sales data to non-paying agencies, the NPD Group []has changed course and said that it will continue to provide console sales information to the public.

It was reported last week [] that the NPD Group had decided to "pull back" from its November 2006 decision to release sales numbers. Describing that decision as "temporary," the NPD's David Riley said at the time, "As you may recall, we never provided these numbers until November 2006, the first month when all three new consoles were on the market." Riley said manufacturers could release the numbers themselves, or give the NPD permission to continue doing so, in which case it would.

Speaking to [], Riley now says that the "Big 3" console manufacturers have cleared the ongoing release of sales data, so the NPD will in fact continue to provide that information to the media. The numbers for October will be released on the normal schedule, and Riley said the NPD will be providing the sales figures "indefinitely."