NSA Spies On MMOs Says Snowden Reveal


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Oct 19, 2009
From other news articles on the same subject: "Officials also kept tabs on Xbox Live, but it's unclear exactly how far that surveillance reached and how the agencies got access to the information."


Ya know, it's funny. When I pointed out that Microsoft was involved with the PRISM program and thus was likely handing over details about their console users willingly to the NSA, these forums laughed me off as a tinfoil hat nutjob. Yet now, these leaked reports confirm that I absolutely called this shit.

Unfortunately, this site's users keep forgetting that when it comes to the government, being paranoid means you're right more often than you're wrong.


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May 28, 2011
Look folks, WOW gold was used to trasfer money to criminasl before, on multiple ocasions, so its not that outlandish of an idea. Buy gold from reseller, transfer the gold to a criminal for a "favour". that transfer is suppsoedly untracable and the gaming company wont know/care why its transfered, then the person cashes the gold in at te very same reseller. no direct contact, yet money trasnfered.

As far as chats go, noone actually sits there and plays the game guys. what they do is make a robot run though the data and highlight words they dont like and then the person interferes only.
That being said i have plotted to d a lot of things in chats before that i knew i will never actaully do but its sometimes fun to plot a perfect crime especially when you got couple other people poking holes in the plan. it woudl raise quite a few red flags. not to mention all the talk about "killing this guy" becuase you can kill ingame you know.

Weaver said:
I would bet $1000 this forum is logged in an NSA database and monitored. You can count on it.
Of course it is. Google databases it as well. i can find my posts faster by typing in a few words from it and my name on google than searching my posting history. its very easy for NSA to track open forums. but its not like we even can talk about anything illegal here without moderator wrath. On MMO chats - everything is fair game though.

gamegod25 said:
Any terrorist/criminal stupid enough to discuss their illegal activities over any of these services kinda deserves to get caught. And frankly while I don't like the thought I'm being spied on i don't have anything to hide and if I did there would be far easier methods for them to find out anyway.
actually ingame chats are quite safe enviroment. they dont get logged. they dont get sent via the usualy http or irc traffic so its much harder to intercept them. they go via centralized game server so there is no direct connection. of course nowadays it would be better to use ingame voice chats, as those are pretty much untracable.


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Jun 3, 2009
erttheking said:
*Head desk* Why are so many people in my government so stupid? Hey, here's a damn question, how many terrorists have they caught?
OK, stop criticizing them. Don't you know 60% of all terrorists play MMOs? The rest play Facebook games. This is because they know that the best way to discuss targets, strategies and goals is through the safety of general chat in online games... yeah, I can't take this any further without getting too silly. Seems like they could save some money and just recruit someone who's playing 24/7 regardless of looking for spies or not. Heck, it could even give those poor souls an illusion that they are holding down a honest job.


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Jun 24, 2013
Okay, now I can't help but picture Government employees, wearing ties and proper work attire, seated in cubicles and wearing reading glasses, frowning sternly at the screen as they raid for loot, pausing occasionally to write notes in a small notepad beside them. ('Half-Naked Junp Spammer... Al Qaeda?" "Stole My Kill - Deport To Guantanamo.")I also wonder how long it took them to adjust to in-game chat lingo.

"Why do those people keep saying LFG?"
"We think they're announcing Looking For Jihad."
"isn't Jihad spelled with a J?"
"we believe they are using a G to try and throw us off the trail sir."
"very good, Johnson. I'll mobilize the SWAT teams."

Cid Silverwing

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Jul 27, 2008
Now even the SPIES are hit by the retard virus?

Politics have tunneled right through the fucking bottom of the barrel at this point.


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Nov 23, 2008
Sleekit said:
Jamieson 90 said:
I know or "Where can I learn how to use guns?"
i'm imagining lots of Goblin engineers getting stalked now...

canadamus_prime said:
What? Do they think terrorists play WoW in their spare time? What would be their guild name? Get Rid Of Slimy InfidelS?
thing is once this story breaks some WoW players will troll the shit out it,

give it 6 months and "9/11 raiders for Allah" or "the fabulous Blood Elf jihadis" will probably be a top 10 raiding guild on Magtheridon or something.
I've already made a million 'I'm an NSA agent, OR AM I?' jokes last night alone.

And yeah these kinds of trolling have always been around but now it's just going to explode. *sigh*


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Dec 5, 2013
Not only would I approve of extensive surveillance of MMORPGs and online games, I would call for government hit squads to eliminate potential threats to national security with maximum force.

And no, this isn't because I was kicked out of that guild two years back!




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Nov 29, 2008
Why stop at WoW & SL? Let's see if spending 8 hours a day, 5 days a week reading the chat in League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients 2, Heroes of Newerth, SMITE, Guild Wars 1 & 2, Darkfall, TERA, Eve Online, Age of Conan, All Point Bulletin, The Secret World, Lineage 2, Warhammer Online, Aion, & Star Wars: The Old Republic doesn't utterly destroy their faith in humanity.


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Nov 20, 2009
And now you know who is always AFK in raid finder.

Can we not have them arrest people who don't know how to play there class? You know like warriors with bloody intellect plate!


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Jan 19, 2009

You're telling me that incredibly stupid sequence in CSI where the investigators chased the bad guy through Second Life... was a thing that might have actually happened?



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