Nvidia and TransGaming Introduce Cider Porting Engine


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Dec 15, 2006
Nvidia and TransGaming Introduce Cider Porting Engine

Nvidia and TransGaming have developed a joint framework to bring new PC titles over to Intel Macs.

TransGaming has announced Cider, a portability engine which works together with Nvidia's CgFX technology to enable higher-function Direct3D elements for PC games on Intel Macs running OS X.

The new Intel-based Macs can boot natively to Windows XP using a program called Boot Camp [http://www.apple.com/macosx/bootcamp/], provided by Apple. But by making the jump between PC and Mac essentially nonexistent, Cider and CgFX could allow Mac users to play more of their favorite games straight from OS X without the use of Boot Camp or Parallels.

According to the TransGaming site [http://www.transgaming.com/index.php?module=contentexpress&file=index&func=display&ceid=24], "Cider is a sophisticated portability engine that allows Windows games to be run on Intel Macs without any modifications to the original game source code."

Cider is not a consumer product, which means developers will have to integrate the coding system into their games going forward.