NXT REVIEW 4/15/14


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Feb 6, 2010

[HEADING=3] The Ascension vs Jobbers [/HEADING]​

NOOOOO! We have tag teams now! Why is this still happening? I've been watching The Ascension wrestle two minute matches against guys I will never see again,non stop, for half a year. It's even worse for people who were watching before December. Punch, punch, tag, YAH YAH YAH, fall of man, pin. The end.

The Ascension then gives a short promo about how they've beaten everyone before being interrupted by El Local and Kalisto's music. El Local starts talking and.... Ricardo Rodriguez? Wow, I knew I recognized this character. Anyway, they challenge them to a match because, by virtue of winning one tag match, they are the second most successful tag team in NXT.

[HEADING=3] Charlotte vs Alexa Bliss [/HEADING]​

Last week Alexa Bliss got carried through her first match to a roll up victory. This match is essentially an utter squash. But it's LONG and has several repeated spots. This is one of the most painfully awkward matches I've seen in a long time. In the end Charlotte hits her leapfrog cutter for the three count.


Next we have a glorious segment where Tyler Breeze tells us the scientific fact that it's impossible for Canadians to be attractive. "It's a nation of Michael Ceras." A truer thing has never been said. I normally don't rate segments but...


[HEADING=3] Aiden English vs Mojo Rawley [/HEADING]​

A short but pretty decent match between one of the best NXT has to offer and someone who is at least solidly improving. English sings reworked show tunes to the ring in a gimmick I can never get enough of. I like Mojo's excitement, but I wish he didn't do the "rear view" Ass to face attack as a signature move. After some back and forth, Mojo hits the "Maximum Hyperdrive" running seated senton for the victory.


[HEADING=3] "Big" Colin Cassady vs Angelo Dawkins [/HEADING]​

S-A-W-F-T! Big Cass is fantastic. A huge guy with solid ringwork and mic skills. There is no reason for him not to be IC or US champ in within the next 3 years. Angelo Dawkins is... Something. He's mediocre at best and has one of the worst gimmicks I've seen. His backpacker/dancer thing is as confusing as it is uninteresting. The upshot is Cass murders him with a big boot and the "East River Crossing". Hopefully that's the end of Angelo Dawkins.

[HEADING=3]Tyler Breeze vs Sami Zayn vs Tyson Kidd [/HEADING]​

Now THAT was a triple threat match. Three of the best workers in NXT throw down to become the #1 contender for Adrian Neville's NXT Championship. Zayn is always trying to prove himself and this is his last step, Tyson used to be on the main shows but found himself lost in the shuffle and is trying to climb back, and Breeze just sees something he wants and he is willing to do ANYTHING to get what he wants. All three guys wrestle desperately from start to finish, putting together great spot after great spot.

The match wraps up with Breeze knocking Tyson off balance on the top rope before turning around into the helluva kick by Sami Zayn. Zayn climbs up to attack Kidd but is reversed. This causes him to fall out of the ring. Tyson hits a Flying elbow on the downed Breeze for the three count. The result makes sense as Zayn and Breeze have their whole careers ahead of them while this is "do or die" for the 34 year old Tyson who made his main roster debut half a decade ago.


MVP: Tyler Breeze
LVP: Angelo Dawkins