NXT REVIEW 5/08/14


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Feb 6, 2010

[HEADING=3] Charlotte Flair w/ Sasha Banks vs Emma [/HEADING]​

This is a solid back and forth women's contest. I do wish the match quality on the main roster was this consistent. Emma gets the advantage but instead of locking in her tried and true Emma Lock she pulls a pink sock puppet out of her boot to weakly jab with. Charlotte moves out of the way and Sasha Banks eats the blow. Charlotte then rolls up Emma in away so that she is in the Bray Wyatt "spider walk" position for the three count. Albert calls this "Charlotte's Web". I genuinely can't tell if this was a just a weird joke or if Charlotte's new finisher is just roll up.

[HEADING=3] The Legionaries vs El Local and Kalisto [/HEADING]​

TAG TEAM WRESTLING? On my NXT? Oh you shouldn't have! I mean I have never seen three out of these four guys before in my life, but who cares? There is more than one tag team on NXT! Sylvester Lefort used to be a manager/occasional awful wrestler, but has been absurdly irrelevant since one of his clients sustained an injury and the other left him. But, I have to admit his team looked very good tonight. The debuting Marcus Louis is billed as being his friend since childhood. And frankly I'm happy to see this Le Resistance 2.0 gimmick.

Kalisto and El Local also make their debut. I appreciate the color coordinated outfits these groups put on. These matching highflyers were highly entertaining in this VERY good tag team match and they contrasted their slower, technical opponents well. I already like both of these teams more than the current NXT tag champs. Kalisto came in off of the hot tag and hit the "Sethwalker" then the "Trouble in Paradise" off of a springboard on Lefort for the win. I like you Kalisto, but don't steal other people's finishers.


[HEADING=3] Captain Comic vs Camacho [/HEADING]​

Apparently, Adam Rose's "Rosebuds" are also pro wrestlers. Unfortunately, Cap gets trashed by Camacho in a couple minutes with minimal offense. This is a squash to build the Rose vs Camacho feud and do little else.

[HEADING=3] Alicia Fox vs Alexa Bliss [/HEADING]​

The debuting Bliss is a... Pixie...Cheerleader? Alright. Anyway, Alicia carries Alexa through her debut. Alexa has a few fun gymnastic moves but Fox does 90% of the work. The match is pretty dang forgettable. Bliss wins off a small package.


[HEADING=3] 20 Man Battle Royal to become the #1 contender for the NXT Championship (AKA: CURT HAWKINS STILL WORKS HERE?) [/HEADING]​

This was a lot of fun. Everyone ganged up on "Main Event Playa" Brodus Clay to dump him out early, Bo Dallas eliminated four people back to back, and there were some solid escapes from elimination. Oddly, Mason Ryan is booked really strongly in what is most likely his last appearance. He gets a lot of eliminations and the commentators talk him up constantly. Xavier Woods eliminates himself in what looks to be a botch. Then the final three are revealed to be Tyson Kidd, Sami Zayn, and Tyler Breeze. I had no Idea of who was going to win. The answer? None of them. All three guys topple out at the "same time" after some great spots. "Same time" is in quotations because Breeze landed awkwardly on top of the other guys causing him to be BLATANTLY the winner. instead we get a triple threat next week which is "BEST FOR BUSINESS"


MVP: Zayn/Kidd/Breeze
LVP: Mason Ryan