Obsessed Fan Cupid Stalks Arrow in "Draw Back Your Bow"


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Aug 22, 2013
Obsessed Fan Cupid Stalks Arrow in "Draw Back Your Bow"

Oliver's love life has always been messy, but things get much worse when Cupid sets her eyes on The Arrow.

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Sep 27, 2013
Is it just me or someone else wanted Diggle to slap Oliver on the back of the head repeatedly during the episode. He is playing quite the drama queen.


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Nov 20, 2009
Ah, a cross-over. That does explain the presence of Captain Boomarang.

And "dwarf star alloy" is typically a Doctor Who reference, but I doubt they'll cross over there ;) .


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May 13, 2009
Mcoffey said:
I wished the show had more Laurel.

In all seriousness, I was really hating that she was going to take up her sister's old role but she's actually been a lot more tolerable lately. I wouldn't say I'm keen on seeing more of her yet, but I'm not cringing every time she opens her mouth anymore.

OT: This episode was pretty average for me. There wasn't anything that stood out as particularly good or bad. Palmer continues to be enjoyable. I do hope they're actually going somewhere with the flash backs because right now, they seem kind of pointless. They're not bad, they just don't seem to have much of a purpose yet. It's not like they're setting up Waller as a main villain since she's on decent terms with Ollie in the present story.


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May 3, 2010
Regarding the dwar star alloy, this is from Ray Palmer's page on ComicVine, http://www.comicvine.com/ray-palmer/4005-34685/
An atomic scientist and genius Ray Palmer was working on a method of reducing objects in size using white dwarf star matter.
So, the dwarf star alloy is definitely a reference.
As for the episode, I enjoyed it. Cupid was really fun to watch.
On the other hand, I really wish they'll put this Oliver/Felicity drama to rest, it is really tiresome.


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Jun 22, 2009
The girl who played Cupid was sssmmmoookin' seriously what happened to the ollie that banged 2 lance sisters, sexy island girl, the huntress, his bosses secretary/Deathstrokes sidekick, and the girl that bore his child (and then was told to fuck off).

This was basically a filler episode, but Cupid was ridiculous and entertaining enough to reappear with the Suicide Squad in further episodes, imo. Captain Boomerang has me excited, Bring on Flash vs Arrow.


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Oct 31, 2008
I just have to point this out. The title of the episode is a reference to this Sam Cooke song.


Soul, man. This guy's got it.


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Sep 10, 2009
"Her lines sometimes move past unsettling into laughable, losing her threatening edge."

Actually, I have experience with the disorder mentioned (not sure if it was the correct English name for it, used to the Dutch one), and I think they are appropriate enough. But the best thing about those lines was that they sounded EXTREMELY comic book like (reminded me a lot of Poison Ivy).

"Inviting her to dinner is one thing, but getting her a dress to wear (and then later a very expensive necklace) has a vibe of using gifts as manipulation, as a way to make Felicity feel like she owes Ray something in return"

I don't share that view. If her love can be bought like that... that'd be weird and says a lot about her character. And I am pretty sure Felicity never felt like she owed Ray anything, except when she got the text and he reminded her of slicing his wrists. This reminded her she made a PROMISE to go to the dinner. It wasn't the dress that kept her at that moment, but the promise...

And you know what? Maybe he *also* needs her skills to make his ATOM dream/obsession come true (she brokers the deal in this instance).
It would be really awesome if she could be on both team Arrow AND team Atom!!!! A love triangle AND a vigilante triangle! :D

Anyway, it might help explain his extreme drive for her affection/attention.
Plus, if he is a tad autistic (not uncommon in geniusses) that would explain a lot too. (I am severely autistic btw).
It's an equation, putting two and two together: 'Lovers buy each other things if they can afford it' + 'I love Felicity' = I buy her stuff she might like! Plus 'she likes the office, assistant and PC' = I should buy her more romantic things. Plus 'We need to go on a dinner date for work' = buy her an impressive dress.

I really cannot find fault in that logic train there.
Except that I would never continue bothering someone after they made it clear (enough) they are not romantically interested in me.
So I found him creepy/stalkery before too, any autism would not explain that.

"dwarf star alloy"
This name is very stupid on *so* many scientific levels I am not even going to bother.

"After the final big fight, instead of getting her real help, Team Arrow hands her off to Amanda "I Put Bombs in People's Heads" Waller."

Again, having experience with this and then using logic: it's clearly the best choice.
Prison can't hold her. She's a cold blooded, insane murderer and she *will* continue to murder imho.
She would win an insanity plea (though she would refuse the label of insanity) and then easily kill her way out of any facility...

I agree with you that it sucks, and that people with disorders (like me!) need help and can get better with the right help. But finding that help is very tricky, and even then you get relapses and it takes many years... (For her PD probably 5).
But the ONE thing that makes helping her is that Iron Heights can't hold her, and murders *will* easily murder again.
It truly is a line that is crossed just once, and then forever changes one. As Oliver correctly stated several times...
You CAN'T fully go back after commiting cold blooded murder.

And even if Cupid could, she still needs to be locked up forever for murdering so many people!
Suicide Squad is a form of punishment. And I am pretty sure you *can* refuse to be on it. Then you get locked up forever in a secret ARGUS ultra high max sci-fi prison, I believe.