Outlast - What I Think


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Nov 22, 2009
I want your opinions on the game as well...
Just a quick summary of my experience with this game...

Pretty impressed. Some of the most realistic movement in any first-person game. There are some very fun parkour-influenced chase scenes as well. Some repetitive areas, but enough variation that I can't complain.

Some good, tense moments. Not a game which relies on jump scares, and that is a HUGE plus... The use of night-vision is fantastic and can be very unsettling. There's even a particularly touching scene revolving around a fire...

It's a rather short game, however, which seems to be relatively common in horror games lately (then again, it's only $20), and the story leaves on a blatant cliffhanger, which is also something horror does too often as of late.

Too few character models for the amount of characters, however... and for being an asylum with a female ward, it's disappointing that there isn't a single female character. Also, the final plot arc feels extremely rushed.

Definitely worth playing for any horror fan. Great design. Relatively interesting story. Some flaws that subtract from the enjoyment, but not too much. Definitely worth the money.
I give it an 8/10