Packing for 2 weeks


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Mar 6, 2012
So I will be leaving muh apartment for 2 weeks to live in the big city of Toronto while attending some work training. This is great for me but the first time I'll be leaving my dog for that amount of time. (I'ts fine, the lady I board her with runs this great place that involves plenty of contact with other dogs previously familiar to her and lots of walks through a conservation area. Usually the dog's attitude when I come to pick her up is a combination of joy at seeing me again mixed with a sense of betrayal and confusion as to why we can't just all live down by the woods).

So, here is a list of what I'm packing this weekend and I am leaving it up to you fine folk to remind me of what I am missing.

Stuff to buy:
- Tablet (already taken care of due to borrowing from a generous friend)
- relevant medication bullshit (asthma inhaler in my case)
- more clothes (preferably something with a collar even though I hate collared shirts)
- razors obv.
- Netflix acct due to cancelling Crave
- Ear buds compatible with a samsung phone for use during workouts using free facilities
- toiletries bag (with usual stuff, toothbrush, scrub, moisturizer, etc)
- .... other stuff, specifically of the variety that celebrated it's one-year Canadian anniversary

Stuff to pack:
- Suits (business casual so just 1 jacket just in case)
- workout clothes (bring bathing suit, they have a pool and you have not done any swimming in years you lazy git!)
- lounging clothes (so more khakis, jeans)
- charging cord
- Dressy enough shirts appropriate for someone such as myself that likes to pretend his 12 years in the business of retail banking means anything
it does not
- the other stuff, socks, underwear, etc.

I already see this is going to take me all of Saturday and will take more than the 2 suitcases I have. Shit I am starting to remind myself of my mom, I just take everything with me wherever I go. Anything else I need?


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Apr 28, 2008
Cash on hand. Sure in this day and age almost everyone takes credit cards, but do you really want to hand it out to all those people? Also, might be in situations where you need to tip people. (Not sure if Canada has that issue)

Bills and etc. Make sure nothing is going to come due when you can't pay it. Phone charger etc. (easy to forget if you pack that on your way out the door)