Paws is a New Game Set in the Shelter Universe

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Jul 15, 2008
Paws is a New Game Set in the Shelter Universe

Might and Delight's adorable and/or heartbreaking animal adventure series continues.

In Shelter you play a mother badger escorting her cubs through a forest. It broke my heart. I didn't play Shelter 2, which tackled a similar theme but with Lynx cubs and an open world, due to the aforementioned broken heart. This new spin-off, simply titled Paws, has you playing as one of the Lynx cubs rather than the mother, but still looks like it's all about the tear jerkery.

Paws is also abandoning Shelter 2's open world system in favor of a linear structure more akin to that of the original game. From the trailer, it appears our abandoned Lynx cub will be traveling with some sort of bear companion, and while that clashes a little bit with the stark authenticity of the previous games, it's also cute as hell. The series' trademark art, which uses patterned "prints" rather than realistic textures, remains, and is as strong as ever.

"We've also been hugely inspired by the feedback and continued support of our fans, who have shown a clear indication to delve further into the Shelter universe," explained Might and Delight CEO, Anders Westin, in the game's press release. This isn't Shelter 2. This is a big scary world as viewed through the eyes of a little cub."

Paws is set for release on PC on March 24th.


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Feb 11, 2010
Well they've taken the best named for a puppy based Jaws parody I've ever heard so they better make a damn good game.