People who make death threats on the internet should go to jail?


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Dec 10, 2010
Evonisia said:
I think the Police you speak to the threatener if charges are pressed, and they should be put on some form of criminal record and possibly watched for a while.

If they repeat the offence their internet is banned and if they're caught using it on somebody else's devices said people's internets will be banned (though the 'repeat' punishment won't extend to them) until it can deemed that the person has caught off contact with the threatener.

To be honest I think that's how "real-life" death threats should be handled to.
what happens though if the repeat offender goes to a public wifi hotspot and does it there? wouldnt that mean then the whole wifi of that particular building be shut off for both the person causing threats and every one else inside? yes it is a good idea to shut off internet for a period of time ranging from short to long as heck depending on the severity of the threat however this could lead to another more severe problem of a government hell bent of control of everything the citizens do. i remember playing a game where i was a computer hacker using a new form of internet because the common internet became so monitored that if anyone did anything illegal the feds would come crashing down and anything posted or modified had to go through a inspection by federal agents, with this being the case the internet became a dangerous place and with me living in the usa and having my rights taken from me slowly but surely it is a fear i have. i fear some day we will have the government calling it a form of democracy but in reality becoming a form of communism. communism itself is not bad however its how people and their lust for power and greed change it.


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Sep 12, 2010
ArnRand said:
There's been a spate of high profile threats here in the UK, mainly against women in the public eye, based on some controversy about who should go an our banknotes. And there's a topic about a Bioware writer who apparently quit over threats to her family, so this seems topical.

Here's my position: The person being threatened should be able to press charges against the threatener, and no one else should be able to get involved. The punishment should be a big fine or a few weeks in jail. Repeat offences should have harsher punishments.

What's your opinion?
I'd also point out that several people have committed suicide in the last year or so. And cyber bullying seems to have been a major factor in those cases. I read of one girl who committed suicide after seeking help for a skin condition on and receiving bullying responses instead. Apparently, her sister has also received similar treatment SINCE the news broke. And another who was apparently being abused by her ex-boyfriend and others.

I don't know the answer, but I won't be surprised is something does happen to solve the issues. Terroristic threats are already illegal. So, I imagine the same laws can be applied to the interwebz. Biggest problem is finding and prosecuting such people. The sheer number of such threats is probably what makes investigating and prosecution so difficult.


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Jun 9, 2009
The idea of policing the internet, while good on paper, is totally unpractical for many reasons people have stated on this thread; mainly the issues of the police being understaffed and the prisons being overcrowded. The primary problem is that criminalizing bad behavior online (I appreciate that it seems like I'm trivializing how vitriolic people can be on the internet, but just go with it) isn't actually a good preventative measure, and dragging the police into every forum rant where some hothead goes over the line is just a waste of everyone's time.

The internet makes it very easy to dehumanize people, and when you dehumanize people, all restraints go out the window. It's not that people don't think before they post, they do, they just don't care about who they hurt, and trying to legislate away a systemic problem with the internet simply won't work. You need to change people, not the law, and that is a much more difficult thing to do.


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May 30, 2010
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Depends on the context of the situation really, maybe people should just stop making death threats.

It's asking a lot I know.

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Apr 30, 2013
Might as well toss in my two cents in here but I'm sure this will ruffle a few feathers.

I'm not sure about jail time for those who make death threats to people online. That depends on the situation. If the person in question has a history of violent acts, psychological problems, and/or a criminal record, then yes. If its some dipshit with zero social skills, manners and common sense, place them under house arrest for 1-2 years. Extend the sentence or opt for jail time if this person has threatened more than one person or their actions has led to a death either by murder or suicide. As an additional stipulation, all access to any PCs or other devices used to go online are heavily restricted during their sentence. If he/she has a computer and/or mobile device, they are to be confiscated. If they need to use a computer or phone for personal uses (such as school or college and contacting loved ones), their activity must be monitored at all times. Also, the perpetrator in question must attend weekly therapy sessions to help them overcome their anti-social behavior and find better ways to vent their frustrations. Any deviation of these orders will result in harsher punishment such as hefty fines and, if necessary, imprisonment.


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Aug 24, 2010
Honestly it should depend on how spastic the threat is

Someone saying they're going to find out what school your children go to so they can murder them on the way there... should probably be locked up.

someone saying If you don't like "such and such" I'll kill you Is probably just a douche bag

Either way those people should have their social media accounts deleted and blocked creating new ones (Like that would work)

Personally I think Twitter Facebook and Youtube (Or where ever the "cool kids" are posting their hatred now days) should have a feature that will only post your comment if you speak it out loud into a microphone after you type it.

Not only would that cut down on stupid typos it would make people realize how much of a dick they sound like most of the time.


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May 19, 2013
I don't know about jail time but some form of punishment would be in order. There are already tools to block/ban people, even to determine if a person who has been blocked/banned but has a new username is using the same IP address. I'd say that it would be best if internet community leaders handled the minor offenses but notified the authorities for the major/ repeated offenses.


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Mar 21, 2010
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hrmmm... I've been the target (object?) of severaal dozen Internet Death Threats... and all I've been able to conclude is that the vast majority of people making such threats are gutless fucking cowards.


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Jun 18, 2012
Well if they're persistent, then they should press charges. If not for threatening to kill them, but for harassment instead. It's the internet. I feel like a vast majority of the internet is just talk. Unless you go on the TOR network where someone could really mess with you.

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Oct 8, 2008
If I ever end up in the kind of situation that woman from Bioware was in, I know it wouldn't be what the PR department would want me to say but, I'd tell them to f*** off. Obviously not literally but I'd make it sound like I said that.

You know like when someone sneezes directly in your face and you say "bless you" in that heavy tone of voice but it sounds like, "cover your f***ing mouth."


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Feb 3, 2012
making threats is illegal and all people should be charged for it, perhaps a lighter charge on minors and a heavier charge on adults. i'm tired of seeing it and it really disgusts me that people are doing this. seriously, is it so hard to have a peaceful society? how the hell are we going to avoid tension with other countries if people within their own country can't even stop fighting? we are so far off from peace it's ridiculous. i wish it were as simple as telling them to "grow up" but this would require the whole human race to mature and that doesn't seem to be happening any time soon.


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Nov 10, 2010
ArnRand said:
And there's a topic about a Bioware writer who apparently quit over threats to her family, so this seems topical.
Tangent: Bioware writer is Jennifer Hepler. Harrassment was over Dragon Age 2, but doesn't seem to be the reason she quit.

When asked if the harassment led to her depature, Hepler told Polygon "No, leaving Bioware was for family reasons. I am going to be working on a text book on narrative design among other game-related freelance projects."
The original interview:


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Mar 2, 2009
Yes, in a way. There has to be consequences.

Easy? No. Implementable? Hardly. But I would settle with a phone call that says "We are the X police department. We know you have been making threats on other peoples lives and families. If you stop now, we are going to let it pass. If we get another complain, we are going to confiscate your PC and you are going to spend several weeks in jail." Doesn't have to end up in jail unless he repeats it, but a good scare that let him know he was identified should stop most trolls.


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Mar 27, 2012
Honestly I don't think sending them to jail is a good thing especially since it encourages more NSA type behavior. True it's not right but honestly I think context is the most important thing. Point is, if somebody on 4chan says something stupid, just take it as that. Something stupid. Your not gonna get killed.


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Aug 22, 2011
I don't know if jail is the key, but something needs to be done. The Web isn't a guilt-free receptacle for all of your pent-up frustrations with the petty injustices of everyday life; it's another part of life. If we're told to act in a responsible manner in life and to show a modicum of restraint and consideration for others, it should apply in all stratas of the Web, too.

Including its competitive aspects. I've talked to a few eSports fanatics who more or less take the Aris Baktarians route and excuse most if not all forms of profanity as being an accepted part of the culture. It goes to the point where join a game with the express goal of being actually *nice*, and you'll catch several players off guard. Some people are so conditioned by games like DOTA2 or LoL to expect insults that they immediately lash back. Replying with a simple "Geeze, man; I'm sorry. I'm kinda new at this and I'm still learning how to pull Mid with Brewmaster." either nets you silence or more slurs.

What worries me is that some people are liable to take those habits out of the game. Can you imagine being stuck in line with a rager who hasn't learned to distance himself from the game and who takes it out on the rest of the line, or the cashier?

I think a new high school class needs to be created, or at least some sort of addendum to your average early Humanities curriculum. Prepping for college-level philosophical discourses is all well and good, but maybe we should have a few seminars on what defines a responsible Netizen.

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Jul 1, 2012
Just some thoughts while the brain cells are working...

If theyre a minor 500 hours community service, and banned from the internet for a year.
If its towards a teacher or a kid/s from their school then add expulsion from the district.
If the police go through their residence and find plans, hit lists, weapons, bomb parts THEN prosecute

If theyre Adult a $1000 fine, anger management, 1000 hours community service, or a month in prison
If investigated "planning something" then prosecute.

If theyre mentally "unfit" then maybe recommended to spend some time in a asylum, or maybe change medication

I know there a right to privacy issue and speaking from personal experience it sucking fucks being related to scumbags, But if youre going to stir the hornets nest you deserve to get stung.