Playing Kinect-Powered Breakout on a Building

Greg Tito

PR for Dungeons & Dragons
Sep 29, 2005
Playing Kinect-Powered Breakout on a Building

French design agency installs a videogame on a building.

Breakout was a landmark game when it was released by Atari in 1976. Controlling a tiny platform that bounced a ball with limited physics modeling to break a series of blocks was fun and spawned dozens of imitators in the decade that followed. Playing Breakout now isn't quite as monumental an experience, unless of course you are moving that platform with your body as the ball projected on the side of a building bounces of windows, ledges and other architecture. And if you win this version of Breakout called Brick installed in the French town of Grenoble [,5.728399&ll=45.193118,5.728029&spn=0.003153,0.006968&sll=45.193141,5.728399&sspn=0.003153,0.006968&gl=us&vpsrc=6&z=18&iwloc=A&layer=c&cbll=45.193085,5.728031&panoid=qLjg1x5q7UMtx0yT93J1cw&cbp=12,164.71,,0,-5.77] by the "visual and interactive design agency" We Come In Peace, you get a fancy light show as a reward.


"Breakout is a video game that everyone played. But it's a different experience when it takes monumental proportions and you can play with your ​​body," reads the French description of the video. "Brick allows the player to move the paddle through the movements of their body to bounce a ball and break bricks.

The above video looks like passersby enjoy congregating in the square at night and watching players break bricks, but I would have loved more shots with some in-game action. I mean, the light show is great and all, but I need to witness French dudes jumping around and looking like idiots.

Source: We Come in Peace []