Pointless Sex Scenes and Romances in Movies/TV/Games/Books

The Rogue Wolf

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Nov 25, 2007
Stalking the Digital Tundra
I got as far as the first "sex scene" in the first The Witcher game and said "Yeah, no more, thanks". It was just ridiculous.

Max Payne 2 had a makeout scene between Max and Mona Sax. The character models were so deep in the Uncanny Valley that I thought I was watching two store mannequins suck face.

Also, Lisanne Norman's "Sholan Alliance" series. After a while her books were pretty much legit published furry erotica where the plot was just sort of something to carry us from one sex scene to the next. And if I remember correctly, one barely-of-age female character tricked an older male into impregnating her.


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Dec 4, 2008
sanquin said:
I think I'd prefer a lot of the sex scenes and romances to be cut out of a lot of movies. For instance the 300 ones apart from the rape. (the rape, while jarring, did fit in the story imo) The almost nude dancing girl on top of the mountain could just as well have been more clothed. The sex scene between lionidas and his wife was...pointless. I think it's just because with movies they don't have enough time for a build-up, with books they don't know how to convey a realistic relationship through words. Games are kind of the same as books. Writers for game plot just don't know how to convey a good story through the medium. (not that I do.)
It's a Frank miller movie, Just count yourself lucky there was not a talking butt.

I wish I was making that up too.


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Feb 12, 2014
Random Argument Man said:
Every time Zack Snyder does a sex scene, it feels awkward. It's most awkward in Watchmen.
You know, you're right. in MoS Clark and Lois's kiss in the middle of chaos was the most pointless scene in the movie.


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Sep 26, 2009
Flipping Metro: Last Light. Anna, that game would have been so fucking great if they had not included Anna. The daughter of one of your companions from Metro 2033 and a backup sniper for one mission, yet they fucked it up, fucked it up so bad after that. Of course she gets captured, of course you get her back, and of course you have to watch in Last Light's clunkily animated splendor as you fuck her almost immediately afterwards.

Who is this woman? Why does she matter? What does she contribute to this game?


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May 25, 2014
I haven't seen that much media in a while outside of Bioware's games on romance and sex, but in cases like this, it does raise an interesting question; of how can one integrate romance/sex with action and adventure without making it look forced? I heard that the Scott Pilgrim series managed to make it work, but I haven't seen it myself, so what do I know?

Zack Alklazaris

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Oct 6, 2011
It boost ratings, pure and simple. Though I would argue if I wanted a meaningless sex show I'd just watch porn.

I think when used sparingly it can be powerful, it is part of relationships after all. But characters shouldn't be built solely for sex, neither should they be thrown out of character for sex.

For me personally this kind of crap takes me completely out of the world thats in the movie/tv show,