Poll: Do you like the British Royal Family?

V da Mighty Taco

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Apr 9, 2011
I truly could not care less about them. Not only are they - from what I can tell - completely powerless rulers of a nation that's an ocean away from where I live and are basically nothing more than another nation's pop-culture celebrities, but quite frankly I despise tabloid journalism in it's entirety and don't get why people would want to know about the private lives of complete strangers that aren't affecting them in the slightest.

Admittedly, there is one batch of royals that I do actually care to read about...

And lest I forget -

[img src=http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-o90VfdJ5AVw/T5RVZ2kZHHI/AAAAAAAAmww/728sk-Ol6TU/s320/170490+-+artist+skykain+changeling+Chrysalis.png][/spoiler]

Space commando 75

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May 11, 2012
I'm british and i can't wait till they're gone. There an embarrassment to the country and they aren't the real royals anyway.


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Aug 18, 2009
I like William, Kate and Harry. They're doing a bit to change their image (one that Charles and co royally - forgive the pun - screwed up). They are a lot like their mother, may she rest in peace.

I believe a monarchy in the modern world can do good on certain political levels, plus they are a decent tourist attraction. I think they should fend for themselves, financially, though.

Someone Depressing

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Jan 16, 2011
A bunch of useless, idealised aristocrasial bastards. The reason why the family doesn't have any power anyore is because the concept of "elections" was introduced, meaning that the people pick who they think the most suitable leader is. So, the royal family has no use anymore; they are entitled twats who get praised by idiots. The family should be disbanded.

But seriously, give the baby some peace. So what, it's a baby and its parents. Leave them the hell alone.

Besides, I hate corgis. And the breed has become famous because some old woman who owes everyone far too much, and she's going to die before she can repay it all anyway, owns a few.


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Aug 19, 2013
I've always been a strong royalist, I think mostly down to my interest in military history. I've always seen the royal family as a symbol of British patriotism. The George VI led the country through a war, all the while he and the Queen stayed in London throughout the bombings, and from my family members who were around during the war, there was nothing more reassuring and that provided such a morale boost than seeing the flags flying, which meant the King was at home.

But that was during the war, and times have changed since then. Now, many people have been saying that they leech off the taxpayers, when in reality, it costs each tax payer around 60 pence annually to keep the royal family in power. So why do we keep them in power? Well, they bring in more money than they use up. In fact they bring in hundreds of millions through tourism alone. Which then leads to what is known as a positive multiplier effect, which means that directly and indirectly more jobs are created. In fact thousands of jobs have been created through the royal family.

I don't see why so many people, especially foreigners, are hostile towards the monarchy. Yeah, they are payed a lot of money for no reason, but Kim Kardashian is payed tens of millions of dollars for doing literally nothing, other than providing the average person with pointless gossip and leaking the occasional sex tape. While the royalty bring in hundreds of millions towards our economy and create jobs for thousands of people.

Additionally, it seems that the royal family are the only people in our once great nation that still have class. The recent royal wedding was a spectacular event, and even I, a "poor" Welshman, felt patriotic. Unfortunately, society has slowly degraded over the years, now leaving us with classless dregs of what was once a grand society. (I mean, look at the 1930s, even criminals, think John Dillinger, had class.) It's nice to see that some people, if only the royalty, have retained their dignity.