Poll: Favorite Warhammer 40k faction?


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Dec 11, 2012
aegix drakan said:
I don't know much about 40K at all, and I'm generally not interested in it.

However, I have a soft spot for the Orks. They seem to be the only honest guys in the entire setting, and I like their "if I believe this busted hunk of junk can fly, it'll fly!" shtick. XD
If there was literally any one positive thing that could be said about the Orks, it's that they're honest. (If there were two things, it would be that they are honest and hilarious.)

I see I'm still the only guy who voted for Squats. What is going on, people?!


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Sep 23, 2016
Nothing can stop my dream of having an Eldar girlfriend.

?Mum, Dad, this is something, something-nesh. I?m 5?10 and she?s 7 foot tall and amazingly lanky and regards our entire species in the same way we regard chimps, but that doesn?t matter.

Keep the chat up and keep it light because the last time the Eldar got bored they became so perverted and depraved they gave birth to a chaos God. Don?t bring that up - bit of a sore point.

Also, she has a funny way of saying ?monkey?, but, again, just ignore that.

She?s lovely. We're in love.?